(First) New Video!

Ok so I know this content is old. Everyone knows (or should know) how to do it by now. But I really wanted to try out some screen recording software I was using, which actually worked fantastically as it doesn’t lag my computer at all. It’s called “Screencast-O-matic“. However, the free version only records about 15 minutes of screen time, at which point you spend about 5 minutes saving the file to disc (or uploading) or you can discard it.

Anyway, this is my priest’s UI and healing style. I usually top healing in LFR and 10man alt-runs, though it has a full set of 384+ gear so that helps. My current spec and glyphs you can find here. The spec and glyphs will vary depending on what content you’re doing, but this is a fairly all-round spec. From memory the addons you can see here that I primarily use are:

Grid (with a few addons), xPerl, Power Auras (love this one), Skada (I used to use recount, but Skada lags way less),  MikScrolling battle text, and DBM of course. (All these can be downloaded from Curse).

The music on this video was also thrown together by me (you can probably tell). 😀

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