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I’ve finally been getting back into feral pvp after giving up for probably the last few months – mostly because of CBF mode to do with any sort of rep/quest/currency farming. But after watching a few feral pvp videos and looking at guides I thought I might try it out again. For anyone interested, Plasticduck has a fair few MoP feral videos and guides, and Ziir from Skill Capped at this point is working on a few guides, and have some videos on their YouTube page.

I’ll just note I’m not a huge PvP’er; I only ever did arenas and RBGs for points and fun with guildies. I do enjoy the I’ve done enough random BGs to have some idea of what I’m talking about, and I was really happy a few months ago when I finally got my Battlemaster title.

At first in MoP I quite liked the state feral was in for pvp – not underpowered and not stupid faceroll. The change to Savage Roar has made the spec less bursty (that’s not to say it has no burst, but it has changed) and ferals have to keep in mind that extra thing to perform well, rather than just gambling a Savage Roar in Cataclysm in hopes of getting a PS proc. After all the other classes started gearing up pvp gear, it became obvious who the new PvP powers were, and it got more and more frustrating to play. Yes I’m talking particularly about Warriors and Warlocks and the amount of control they have. Personally, I loved shockwave on my prot warrior, but I really don’t think that it should be available to all Warrior specs. Anyway, nobody finds it fun when they can be controlled and burst down from 100% health to zero in full pvp gear, and the massive hits – mind you most classes now have one or two abilities that will hit very hard. So I took a break from pvp on my druid and geared my priest up. Anyone who has played a heals priest this xpac will understand how shit it is currently. The complaints about warriors for example are exacerbated tenfold for priest (I pvp with disc now), and it’s just plain not fun when you’re constantly wiped out for all your health before you can do anything.

Anyway the last few days (after barely playing for the last month or so) I’ve been trying to train myself again to pvp as feral. After many unsuccessful battlegrounds where I routinely yelled at the screen every time I was stunned, feared and disorientated, I felt like I started to get the hang of it again. A common spec at the moment is a feral burst spec – using every large damage cooldown at once. In this case, Tiger’s Fury, Berserk (you have to use Tiger’s Fury before Berserk), Incarnation, Nature’s Vigil, on-use trinket and any other tricks (racials, potions, etc) results in pretty intense damage. A few PTR changes may influence this, but I might talk about them in a separate post, but you can check out 5.2 notes here. This cooldown stacking probably isn’t fair, as I’ve been able to take down 1v1 most other DPS classes without defensive huge cooldowns (I’m looking at you, Paladins) all by spamming ravage, which is probably the reasoning behind the nerf to Nature’s Vigil in 5.2. So now that I’m getting the hang of PvP again and lining up cooldowns for burst, I’m really enjoying feral pvp again.

For battlegrounds I’m currently using:

  • Wild Charge
  • Faerie Swarm
  • Renewal (I’ll explain why)
  • Wild Bash
  • Incarnation
  • Nature’s Vigil

At first I picked up disorientating roar, and while fun and good for peels its short duration makes it a bit less reliable. I tried out both Heart of the Wild (which was very entertaining to go Boomkin mode and kill enemy players from afar at the market) and Dream of Cenarius for the extra healing – but it’s hard to get much out of this talent in a PvP setting. Faerie swarm I just like because of the ranged slow, which has greater range and lasts a lot longer than charge and is great against flag carriers in BGs.

At the beginning I did pick up Displacer Beast, but I was highly underwhelmed. It doesn’t clear dots, it doesn’t give you any sort of immunity to breaking stealth like a rogue’s vanish. It’s pretty much just a glorified blink. Is is great for escaping from being focused? Absolutely. Is it better than Wild Charge, no. What I did manage to find it useful for was Battleground related achievements – I was disarming bombs in Isle of Conquest and it worked quite effectively for disappearing before I could be targeted.

Now, renewal I think is one of the most underrated talents, because, alone it probably does around the same healing as a Nature’s Swiftness buffed Healing Touch. However, it can be combined with HP increasing abilities to heal a lot more, such as bear form + Might of Ursoc + pvp trinket (or BG flag? Not sure about that one) which is easily put into a mashable macro, and the heal becomes far superior to NS, and can be used while silenced or while using Dispersion with Symbiosis. The downside of course is a longer cooldown and the fact that renewal and Might of Ursoc cooldowns do not sync.

For an evaluation on feral PvP talents and glyphs, I highly recommend Ziir’s video on Skill Capped (this one is free). This of course is in respect to arenas.

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