Patch 5.2 Cyclone change

I decided to finally venture onto the Druid forums to see the upcry about the cyclone nerf. I was expecting a similar outbreak like the Shapeshifting changes, but instead found upon the first page a thread which, although more enraged than myself, outlined nearly all the issues I was thinking about with the nerf. The post I’m talking about you can find here.

After some thought I”m having trouble understanding this nerf. It feels like rather than reacting to Feral being OP (which they are with all CDs popped, but nearly everything is right now and in comparison to the top PVP classes Feral is far behind) Blizzard are preemptively nerfing them before – they feel – Feral becomes too strong. Whereas you take Warriors who have been and still are the gods of BGs and Arena, and they’re tip-toeing around toning them down while trying not to nerf them too much. And for the record I’m not against a change to cyclone outright; it’s a unique spell which is very powerful used correctly and may legitimately need some adjustment. However as it currently stands the 5.2 changes will cripple the spec in arena.
I agree on several points which I think need to be carefully looked at especially by Blizzard:
– If feral representation is so low, why so harsh a nerf? What happened to tweaking a bit at a time and see how it pans out (kind of like Warriors have been getting)

– Why is this being applied to all cyclones by feral druids and not just those with Predatory Swiftness?

– There’s no compromise involved; nothing to compensate for the nerf. With Shapeshifting there was eventually a concession made with Dash and Stampeding Roar.

– Both things combined – the increased cooldown and DR effects are excessive. One or the other would be adequate to achieve your goals. Or increase its own DR so consecutive cyclones on the same target do not work.

– What would a Feral druid bring to an arena team? Damage is not one of them; in 5.2 a Warrior, Monk or Rogue would be better. The instant cyclone is the key selling point on an arena team with a Feral Druid. Sure, some Ferals will still do arena, but there’s no legitimate reason why a team would take a Feral over another class. Hibernate is largely only useful against other druids, and roots are only useful against melee. What is this compared to fears, blind, sheep, sap, ice trap, and the list goes on.

– If there is going to be a 30 second – or even 15 second cooldown on Cyclone, the duration needs to be increased to 8 seconds like all other CC.

Why am I posting this here rather than the forums? A few reasons. One, putting my opinion up on the forums leaves it open for trolling, whereas here any trolling I could just delete. The other is pretty much summed up in this quote from the previously mentioned thread:

Have you posted something like this, or this, in the PTR or Damage Dealing forums? It will get more attention there.

We’ve been ignored in there for years pretty much. Lots of ferals brought up the wonky hitbox issue for pvp with the runspeed set bonus nerf. It’s been ignored… again.

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