Thank-you Looking For Raid lootbags

Thank-you, Looking for Raid runner-up bags. Although usually I am frustrated when you magically pop into my backpack, a token to represent I, yet again, have not gotten my tier piece; I for once have reason to be grateful. For every piece of loot I didn’t get, for every week I’d run every LFR on my druid or priest and get no equipable items, my cash pile grew.
No, I’m not being sarcastic. Well, maybe a tiny bit, but mostly no. But the roughly 13,192 (calculating roughly 75% bag chance per boss, plus 30g per completed LFR from 3 lvl 90s) I’ve earned this expansion so far from missing out on loot items, has helped me obtain my very own personal Grand Expedition Yak! So thanks bags of gold, you’ve contributed to my expensive mount collection fund!

Bit of an odd way to start off a blog post, right?

It comes after another week of bad luck in Looking for Raid, which I like to think has funded my expensive mount, and when people ask me how I earned my money for the mount, that’s what I tell them. Fortunately, real raids were a lot more positive. After skipping Horridon for a week the week before last, we went back and cleared the last 2 bosses of Heart of Fear which we had not pushed through mostly because of a few of us leaving for holiday. After that it was Terrace of Endless Spring, which was, with the 10% debuff, a bit of a pushover to be honest. Heart of the Wild for Tsulong was incredibly OP and managed to shave off a whole phase compared to previous attempts with DoC.

I’ll admit, at one time I thought Lei Shi was cute. The voice which annoyed most people I thought was adorable and highly entertaining. “I’m hiding until you leeeeave!” However, after trying to dps on normal it felt like “I saw use your cooldowns I’m going to hiiiiiiide!” “Did you just get 5 combo points and use Tiger’s Fury? I’m going to become invulnerable!” But eventually Lei Shi was defeated.

NO Lei Shi, it’s YOUR fault it happened.

During our break from Horridon, there was a hotpatch to reduce the health of the adds that spawn during the encounter. This seemed to make a lot of difference, as, on our first week back at it, we finished the encounter on the second try. A lot of the advice I read recommended to use Heart of the Wild for both add aoe on the third door, and as an extra tranquility. But on our successful try, my tranq wasn’t really needed, and I didn’t get much use out of hurricane as either adds died too quickly or were moved too often, so next time I think I will go back to DoC. In addition, my bad luck in obtaining any form of the Sha Touched agility weapon (either from LFR or our ToES) was turned around by [Jalak’s Maelstrom Staff] dropping on our first kill (I’d been using the MV one 2/2), which appropriately looks like Horridon’s head stuck on a stick, but in miniature. Fortunately, I’m the only one in our raid who uses 2h agility weapons for main spec, so it’s mine, all mine! Unfortunately, the huge amount of hit rating on both that weapon and the trinket of the shado-pan assault has put me over 8% hit with no way to reforge any more of it away.

We managed to down Council on the second night of attempts. The trick really seemed to be pumping any extra dps onto Sul. Soul Swap is absolutely amazing for this fight. Another great option is Typhoon for the Loa spirits. Thiiiiis can maybe be a problem with Rolley-Poley guy if he decides to roll next to it just as you throw it back in his direction.. But other than that, feral (or melee, for that matter) damage on the Loa spirit is very clunky as you spend more time weaving around sand pits than time actually damaging it, so it’s best done by range, with a Typhoon or Bash to help. I did top our meters on this fight as feral, but I lost a lot of bleed cleave uptime because of soul swap macro malfunction. For some reason, if you macro it to apply soul swap to your focus (i.e. Sul) and are not targeting that boss, it will say “invalid target”. If at any other time you try to apply soul swap to a target which already has your bleeds, it will say “invalid target”. However, if your target is your focus as well, and you use the macro, it uses the cooldown but does nothing, which is the problem I had with Soul Swapping on Sul. Or at least I think that’s what happened. Very frustrating.

After a plummeting drop down a deep, dark, dank hole, we arrived to find a goat.. er.. I mean, turtle, stuck in the cave. Tortos is actually a lot more fun on normal than LFR, as there are less out of control turtles and more time on boss. Unfortunately, melee on this fight is pretty dull, with some very nice damage coming from trash aoe on bats. Bear thrash is handy to subtly blend in if you have a tank with good threat and are not going to pull aggro on yourself. You can feral charge Tortos (I pretty much try this every fight, including the first time we pulled Ragnaros in FL, with interesting results) but he will just throw you back into the room. I highly recommend glyph of shred for this fight, either that or Survival Instincts, but I found Barkskin was up for a good number of the stuns. We should be working on Magaera this week and sorting out a good kill rotation, or whether to stick with the recommended. Our problems do not lie in the damage from rampage but rather the damage inbetween which is taking out dps or healers. This means that currently HotW w/ tranquility isn’t all that much use.

I kind of wish for the sake of my own ego that I could lean against a doorway, look vaguely disinterested, and casually say something along the lines of “yeah, we downed all the normal modes just after release. That’s the easy stuff. Now we’re onto hardmode content” while glancing at my fingernails. Or, if you prefer, curled up in cat form on an overhanging branch with a paw draped over the side, one eye lazily opened, and a stretch as I subtly praise my own importance and skills. But, alas! I can’t. I know we’re quite slow for progression this patch.. well – this whole xpac. But we’re more or less a casual guild, and we’ve suffered the irritation over recruitment when there’s simply not enough for raids, and people go on holidays to visit friends or partners and raids suspended.

Anyway, that’s about all the updates. So far 5.3 is looking pretty quiet on the feral front – maybe a good thing, as too much attention usually leads to bad things rather than good. But keep an eye on the changes to Savage Roar – damage % increased from 30%-40% which should be a significant buff. This means you’re losing even more if you let it drop off, and likely increases the gap between an inexperienced and competent feral. Probably a easy-fix (just a spit’n’shine, she’ll be fine) to compensate for scaling or whatnot. The other notable change (still early days) is to tranquility:

“Tranquility now targets 12 raid members (up from 5) each time it heals when used in a 25-player instance. This change also applies to players using the Symbiosis version of Tranquility.”

which may make it back to a valuable raid CD for feral (without using HotW). But no benefit to 10 mans.

Anyway that’s all from me this time. Any questions, requests, advice, whatever! is welcome.

4 thoughts on “Thank-you Looking For Raid lootbags

  1. Your blogs are always very thought provoking. It’s good because it generates questions for me.

    Your guild is slightly a head of mine which is good because getting Feral thoughts from the same spot helps me out 😀
    On Horridon, did you have to interrupt or where there other people on that duty? And is the reason for HotW on the third door because some of the adds don’t have aggro tables?

    With your soul swap macro, have you tried something like

    /target sul
    /use soul swap

    That might help with you focus error issues.

    With Tortos, with using Bear Thrash, is it something like, Cat Thrash and Swipe to low energy, shift to Bear, Thrash, shift back to Cat? (taking into account for CD’s, threat etc…). If you could manage 2 different DoC buffed Thrashes, that would be interesting. I’ve also noticed that you can get behind Tortos and Shred comfortably, sort of like shredding in scropion phase for Staghelm in Firelands. He has a decent size hit box, so I’m inclined to think that Glyph of Shred may not be required (but I haven’t done it so I’ll let the people with the XP talk).

    With the 5.3 buffs, like you said it feels like an easy fix. Given the poor scaling Ferals have with haste, and the number of RPPM trinkets, it seems intuitive that a buff to our haste, the way we value it / way it scales / the way it interacts with energy regen or white hits etc… would be a “better” solution. But I’m not a theory crafter, this is just thinking out aloud.

    Great post.


    • On Horridon we’re generally given one main target each to focus down/interrupt, but I make a point of bashing the lizards so they don’t stun a healer. The poison part however I think it’s pretty much FFA interrupts, though this still feels very messy.
      The hotw on third door I’m pretty sure I read somewhere (I could be wrong) as there’s just a huge amount of adds that need to be gotten down. The first few attempts with HotW gave me very nice hurricane numbers but did not result in the kill. What tends to work best is not going AOE happy but focusing the more important adds each door, and leave cleave-type/aoe damage to our enh shaman and warlock. The attempts where I did this vs just AOE them all were much more successful. It feels, but I’m just speculating, that by controlling the most important adds simply reduces raid damage/problems, making it easier for healers to cope which in turn gives less need for a HotW tranquility. Those first attempts with HotW sometimes I couldn’t AOE much anyway because raid damage was so high I used Tranq instead.

      I will definitely try that macro! It looks like it will work. The only other issue with that fight is that when on the priestess (who is tanked away from the other bosses) I’m often out of range for SS.

      With weaving bear thrash, I tend to (cat) thrash, swipe 1-2, tiger’s fury, swipe swipe till out of energy then bear thrash, back to cat and probably thrash. I’m pretty lucky because our pally tank who tanks the bats has good aoe threat so I rarely get aggro on anything unless I don’t wait for him to get threat. I think I tend to use one DoC charge for thrash then the other for keeping rip rolling on Tortos but that’s more out of habit than by design. With our range on the turtles and the high-ish health of the bats, I easily top metres with my aoe.
      I got caught doing this on trash a few weeks ago and I admitted to the raid that I sometimes go bear form for aoe, so whenever I die to aggro they always ask “were you in bear form?” The truth is I usually die in these situations before I even go bear, lol.

      When you say shred on Tortos, do you mean you can stand enough to the side that you are able to shred? Or you can actually sit behind him? I thought a few times my shred worked when I did not have TF/Berserk up, but I may have been imagining.

      I get the feeling with Feral (and probably a lot of other classes) problems with the spec tend to get ignored or not fixed properly until the next expansion. I welcome a buff though, I just hope it lasts us through a lot more content and doesn’t need to be re-adjusted again.

  2. You can definitely shred tortos. You can’t directly behind, but if you get like 180 degrees to him you can shred comfortably. It gets a bit tight when the things fall from the roof but it’s doable. He has a decent hit box. I’ve found that if you get too close he does a knockback, so best to aim for max melee range. I also smash the meters on tortos. I just go nuts. It’s good that we can keep Rip up with Swipe.

    All of my dps experience is LFR only. My raid has only just downed Horridon and I tank in them. But I think most of what I’m saying would transfer to normals.

    I does sometimes feel like that we are an after thought. From a design / PR point, you would have to focus on the most popular classes / specs first; more popular = more potential people to complain / be more vocal and potentially more people to lose. So the less popular ones just get “near enough is good enough” treatment. That being said, Blizz is a fantastic company that has amazing engagement with it’s player base / community. People can’t just say they are terrible, a little context is needed.


    • I did try your idea last night and I was able to shred. In the spot I was in though I ended up moving because I just couldn’t see anything. In normal, the falling rocks do a lot of damage and if you find yourself trapped or can’t see properly where they are falling it’s a real problem. I imagine that there is probably a sweet spot where you can both shred and see what’s going on. Though this may be one of those situations where mangle works just as well as shred as berserk and TF cover a lot of my burn phase when bats are not around (with shred glyph) and probably the rest of the time I’m just spamming mangle for combo points to get my rip back up. Definitely let me know how you feel about Tortos on normal, though I’m guessing you won’t be able to dps it.Hope your tank troubles clear up soon! We’ve also found it really difficult to recruit at times and were seriously thinking of server changing just to fill a 10 man!
      I think you’re absolutely right about the way classes get attention, and to be fair feral is a minority spec. (we do get plenty of attention when we’re OP though!) I am grateful that we do get some fixes when we need it, maybe not as much as we would like but it’s better than being completely ignored.

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