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I don’t really have anything specific to start this blog with this time, though I was intending on generally writing a post at the end of every raid week with my thoughts, experiences (and sometimes grievances) from the past week. Well, er, today is Friday so I’m a little late on that one.

I’m finding, again, I’m having a bit of a love-hate relationship with Looking for Raid. One the one point, I’ve attributed my bulging bags of gold to the lootbags which has gone towards collecting expensive mounts. On the other hand, I really want to start getting tier pieces as I really want to try out the 2set extra combo point benefit as DoC build. I think, and I could be wrong, I haven’t gotten any loot from LFR on my druid in 2-3 weeks. Even coins used on Lei’Shen for the trinket have yielded nothing. It seems I will just have to wait until we down those bosses on Normal before I get a chance at any tier – though I’ve been unlucky with my particular tier dropping from Council. The RNG gods seem to pity me though, as I’ve now got 3 offset pieces (gloves, helm and shoulders) in raids (hooray for being only leather agi user!).

On the subject of looking for raid, it’s not only loot that has gotten me annoyed. The week that Pinnacle came out, when we queued for it we got – you guessed it – Lei’Shen first up. So after doing that we queued again to get a fresh run. We did the first boss, Iron Qon, but had to leave the group for our guild raid. So we had to queue a third time to try get in for the second boss or a fresh run again. We queued 3, yes three times, and got put in at Lei’Shen, the last boss. We left each time, as why do a boss we’ve already done? So last week we did the first two bosses of pinnacle and left early again because the group fell apart. So we only needed Lei’Shen this time, which, if your experience has been like mine, this shouldn’t be too hard. Twice, got put in at the first boss on a fresh run. We left those times because well, no one really wants to do 2 bosses they’ve already done that week. Judging by this there’s obviously still some flaws with the system when you’ve already completed some of the fights.

We finally managed to get Magaera down last week, after some difficulty not so much with Rampage but with tank and healer deaths. For a while we struggled with the damage from cinders on later sets of heads, and having to avoid multiple Acid Rains. To try to combat the amount of stacks the fire head had, we tried to kill the frost head once and then back to green red. After many wipes and feeling like it didn’t really help at all, we gave it up, as the ordinary green, red sequence generally got us further than killing a blue. To deal with the heavy cinders stacks, we just decided to dispel the person straight away, and have other people move away. It made things a bit tight for movement for melee a few times but generally it’s pretty easy to not stand in the fire on the ground. So worried was I about the OT’s health that I made sure to use nearly every HT on them. Was probably 3rd on damage I think (yes I’m a metre whore, don’t judge me) when usually I was first or second, but a kill is a kill no matter where you come. Feral for this fight is just amazing though – barkskin, survival instincts, dash, stampeding roar, DoC buffed HT casts – we have it all.

After that it was a few attempts on Ji-Kun. Again, amazing fight for feral. Single target, minimal movement, predictable damage periods. A little too good actually. After quite a few deaths on LFR mode, I learned to not feral charge during or after Down Draft, or stay within melee range with St.R or Dash. Cur- er, enthusiasm killed the cat. Ji-Kun will kill whoever is in range. The problem we’re having so far is our egg team getting used to the feather charges and killing the hatchlings quickly. I daresay after this is refined the fight won’t be too difficult. Not looking forward to Durumu afterwards though. I smell many, many wipes inc.

On the pvp front – argh! Painful! Note to self: do some more research on feral pvp. And raid fights. Try cap valor. And conquest. Work on PvP achieves for Kahn. Plus achieves in general. And get fuel for the mower. And anti-flea medication for dog. Write that damn cover letter. Ah real life is intruding! Border inbetween breached!

Retreat back to bed and get some sleep!

2 thoughts on “Insert witty, engaging title here

  1. I think that the issue with LFR is that previous easy bosses + nerfs has created a precedent. Players expect the content to be roll face like it was and when it’s not, they cry foul. I’m all for “the casual player” in this sense, but at some point, players have to meet Blizz half way and actually put in some effort. 2 hrs per LFR (1 hr queue, 1 hr to clear) for 4 LFR’s “seems” like a lot, however it’s at your convenience, not a scheduled time like a guild. So even though some guilds may raid less, its a trade off. Time vs convenience. You have to choose one or the other not both.
    That said as players get smarter, encounters get harder with more mechanics then you have to tune them for LFR, which means that the stuff you need to know for an LFR now, would be equivalent to a full raid boss from BT or Wrath.
    I thought that LFR originally was going to be of a similar difficulty to VOA / BH. Those bosses were easy BUT could wipe you. Not to many mechanics and easy for pugs.

    /LFR rant

    The Ji-Kun thing has also killed me so many times LOL. Sometimes I’m too slow to hit the the SI or Barkskin button 😀


    • What annoys me most is people saying “It’s just lfr” in response to doing 20k DPS or only a few k HPS, or wearing pvp blues to tank as though it’s ok for everyone else to put effort into their gear, rotation and spec but not them. Or you get the elitism where someone in the raid group calls people names for not knowing the fights or not understanding something, the “shock-horror” that not everyone has defeated the encounter on normal. I saw a lot of this on Durumu who, on the first few days was almost impossible to get down without a lot of determination stacks. And rather than explain to people “get in the eye beam when it starts and follow these pre-marked people” they laughed at and insulted the people who died. Just my two cents worth, but probably more a reflection on the mentality of players than LFR itself, as the same thing happens in BGs and random dungeons.

      My gripe though was the flaws in the queue system where instead of putting us in a fresh run when we have done the last boss of that section (i.e. Lei’Shen) it would keep putting us at Lei’Shen, which I assume is because those groups desperately need players to finish – but then the exact opposite thing happened the next week.

      With Ji’Kun, take a few steps back the moment you think he’s going to attack you. Better than burning a defensive CD.

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