Ji’Kun down! Feral POV

Cats have wings! Isn’t that marvelous?

Ok so that may sound a little lame to the average reader, but to me it has great significance as it was something that a much loved (although a little dreamy) friend used to say. I can’t remember his exact words, but that’s the gist.

As the picture above should suggest, we’ve defeated Ji’Kun! I find it a pretty fun fight though I was not on egg duty. When our guild leader asked me who had better cleave, myself or our enhance shaman (not realising he was talking about this fight) I said the shaman. I was thinking about the good damage they can do with fire nova, and thinking about my own cleave which is cool for 2 high health mobs, and my aoe which is also good for lots of mobs, but not so great for anything inbetween. I felt a little guilty later when I read comments saying feral is very good on nest duty, but we still managed to get this down fine.

I feel like I can give a little advice on this fight from a feral perspective.

For this fight I used Survival Instincts as my 3rd glyph. I’ve read recommendations for Stampeding Roar which sounds nice in theory, but we didn’t have any problems with people falling off during downdraft, and may only be more beneficial in a 25 man situation. I was the only melee on the boss, so I was behind while the range, tank and healers were at the front (we had a warrior and shaman on the eggs). They situated themselves on the longer ledge parts which gives more room to run before getting pushed off (if you look at my lovely representation, the 4 intersections are longer, and this is where most of us stacked), and our warrior tank charged in at the end to try prevent dps deaths (primarily mine). If you haven’t experienced this fight it is important to know that Ji’Kun will attack whoever is in hitting distance if their highest threat targets are out of range. I did manage to run around to the group to give them St.R. when it was off CD but it was more just to avoid accidents than really needed. Feral run speed for this is so good that I usually had to intentionally let myself be blown back a bit to be out of melee range. Our tanks also cleared the slime pools only in the blue section shown; we did not feel it was necessary to clear any more than these or have anyone but tanks do it. The globs don’t seem to drop directly under the boss so even if the back part fills up you can still stand on the boss’s hit box and DPS. With this strategy though it may be advisable to flip around to the front when downdraft starts so you are not running through bird vomit.

I feel SI glyph is the best choice as it’s usable every second Quills and you can use Barkskin in-between so you have a cooldown up for every one. As I mentioned, I was alone behind the boss so SI allowed me to stay and dps rather than stacking with ranged and I barely took any damage at all, helped in large part by DoC buffed heals. For spec choices I used Wild Charge as default but I didn’t get much usage out of it being on the boss full time. Since I was purposely staying out of range of the boss while tanks were getting blown away, to charge in kind of defeated the purpose. On the other hand I think Feline Swiftness would suffer from the same drawbacks. Normal cat run speed is enough.

Since this is a single target fight with very little movement, I highly recommend DoC build if you like it. Raid damage didn’t seem to be a huge problem until the very end, where I think my normal tranquility was enough to help healers out a bit, so HotW tranq is probably not needed but this will depend on your raid strengths. Also very easy to pop your potion at around 25% and keep rip rolling with FB.

Otherwise this is a very simple fight on the boss platform and is mostly down to your egg team to do their job and healers to keep everyone alive through Quills. We 3 healed this as damage wasn’t a problem at all, with our Monk healer with the egg team who was trying to put in a little damage as well. If there’s anything else I can include to make this a bit more useful, definitely let me know.

After we downed this boss, thanks to our lovely resto druid passing on the legs, I now have my 2 set!

Next stop, Durumu, hoping to get this down tonight.

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