Throne of Thunder: Feral DPS Guide P1

Bosses 1-6 Throne of Thunder

If all spec/glyph choices are not mentioned, assume it’s the basic build for DoC (or HotW, whatever be your preference). These are from the PoV of 10 man but may be applicable to 25 as well.

Jin’Rokh the Breaker (Normal)

Symbiosis: Priest/Paladin. There’s not a lot to gain from symbiosis here, so you can use it on someone who will get the most benefit out of it.

Spec Choices: Either Wild Charge or Feline Swiftness is fine here depending on your preferences.

Glyphs: Survival Instincts is a good choice.

Goal: Relatively simple single target fight. Pre-pot and use Berserk on the pull. This far in the patch you may have Berserk up again on the 3rd puddle. When a puddle appears, stand on it straight away and get out when it becomes electrified. Be sure to refresh your dots while in the water. Barkskin or Survival Instincts for Lightning Storm.


Horridon (Normal)

Symbiosis: Warlock > Rogue > Priest > Paladin

Spec Choices:

Wild Charge > Feline Swifntess

DoC OR Heart of the Wild – Depending on your assigned role, preferences and the needs of the raid.

Wild Bash > Disorientating Roar & Typhoon recommended

Glyphs: 3rd glyph your choice. Stampeding roar, Survival Instincts, Shred are all viable options.

Goal: This is a tricky fight for melee and your goals and DPS will depend on your raid composition. If you don’t have heavy cleave/aoe classes it will probably be better to focus down the most troublesome mobs on each door. Interrupt the little lizards who try to petrify someone, or Bash/Typhoon them (most adds will be immune to this so there’s not really an issue of annoying the tanks, but the lizards are possible to cc). Other than that they’re not a big problem. Use Soul Swap (warlock) to push your bleeds to either Horridon or other high-health adds. Save Berserk for Dinomancer, where you can AOE while getting your combo points on him for Rip/FB (he should drop very fast). A target macro for the dinomancer (/tar zandalari Dinomancer) can help with targeting if there is a lot going on. Priest or Paladin for defensive CDs can be very useful too for getting around sand pits and frozen orbs.

HotW can be very good for doors with more adds such as 3rd or 4th with Hurricane and Tranquility. Personally I found it better to focus on the important adds and interrupts on poison single target with a few thrashes. Be sure to avoid the cleave from the bears, and all the crap on the ground. Last phase if you have soul swap, use it to push bleeds to Horridon while on the last add.

Council of Elders (Normal)

Council of EldersSymbiosis: Warlock > Rogue

Spec Choices:

Wild Charge


Mighty Bash

GlyphsShred – particularly if you are on Sul.

Goal: The best chance of beating this encounter is to get Sul down as soon as possible. You really do not want to have to deal with 2 Sandstorms, or even one. Feral is a very good choice to leave on Sul full time. If however, someone steals your thunder, set focus to Sul and use Soul Swap on him whenever possible. The way we do this fight is our shaman is on Sul full time with interrupts, and I stay on Sul until the second possession. Use Berserk and pre-pot on the pull, and try to get rake and thrash on any nearby bosses while your potion is up without sacrificing Rip uptime on Sul. Move dots with Soul Swap during this period too on 4-5 combo points.

Any down time between possessions you should be back on Sul. Remember to keep Thrash up and particularly when more than 2 bosses are together. When Kazra-jin is empowered, cycle through defensive cooldowns if you start taking too much damage; Wild Charge is very good here for staying on him. It is very important that enough damage is dealt to him to end his possession, but watch your own health. I put off using Berserk on him and save it for the next possession. Generally melee shouldn’t have to be on the High Priestess’s adds as range suffer less encumberence to change to them. However, Wild Bash, Typhoon and Bear-Form Wild Charge are amazingly helpful on them. If the High Priestess is tanked away from the other bosses, and Sul is out of range for soul swap, it’s easy enough to use it on Kazra when he rolls near to you. Interrupt High Priestess wherever possible.

And, don’t stand in the sand!

Tortos (Normal)

Symbiosis: Warlock > Priest > Paladin

Spec Choices:

Wild Charge ~ Feline Swiftness

Ursol’s Vortex ~ Typhoon

Glyphs: Glyph of Shred (recommended) > Survival Instincts

Goal: Really good fight for feral AOE, but otherwise very boring for melee. Generally you should be positioned next to one of the legs. Glyph of Shred really helps getting the most out of Berserk without having to get into the corner to otherwise shred (it is possible to be able to stand here to shred normally but I don’t really like  the lack of visibility). When the first spin turtles spawn I like to use Soul Swap on the first one out to help the range get this one down before the first breath. You can help slow them with Typhoon or Ursol’s Vortex, but it will not knock them back/push them back in.

The bat tank should move the bats to the foot where melee is and you should AOE them down while still generating combo points on Tortos and keeping up your rip and rake. If you have a tank with good AOE threat you can weave in a bear thrash for extra damage (staying in bear for more than one ability will risk energy capping). Using DoC charges on Thrash should result in a nice DPS boost.

Use Survival Instincts or Barkskin when the boss casts Stomp, and weave around the falling stalactites. Stamp. roar can help here for other melee to get away, otherwise you can risk being cornered by them and dying. This may be a good point to use Dispersion or bubble if you did not symbiosis a warlock.

Basically this fight for you is about big numbers while the range and healers do all the hard work! Make it easier on them by limiting the amount of damage you take and helping slow the spin turtles.

Magaera (Normal)

MagaeraSymbiosis: Priest > Paladin

Spec Choices: Feline Swiftness ~ Wild Charge (WC is a bit unpredictable as to whether it will get you where you want to go)

Dream of Cenarius > Heart of the Wild (the latter being preferable if you need a raid cooldown)

Glyphs: Glyph of Shred (good for when you have to stack for Rampage)

Goal: Your goal is to basically dps the assigned head while avoiding Acid Spit and running out for Cinders. The basic Green, Red pattern worked the best for us. Healers should be using their cooldowns each rampage so barkskin is usually enough to keep your health from dipping. You can wild charge the heads but it will put you in the water and then throw you out; it seems random whether it throws you out in front of or behind the way the head is facing.

As the fight goes on the damage from Cinders will be very high and will be a good time to be using your Dispersion or bubble (if bubble clears the debuff, be careful when you use it – I haven’t taken pally symb for this yet). We found it necessary later on to dispel cinders straight away and have everyone move away from the fire.

There is no benefit to DPS’ing the non-assigned head except to pad your damage.

Stampeding roar is good for making sure you and the other melee avoid the Acid Spit by a good amount.

Ji-Kun (normal)

Symbiosis: Priest > Paladin (for yourself) DPS Warrior (for raid utility) or Hunter if they have trouble with downdraft

Spec Choices: Wild Charge ~ Feline Swiftness depending on how good your tanks are at picking up the boss after Downdraft

Glyphs: Survival Instincts

Goal: This is from boss DPS PoV only; I haven’t had to be on egg duty yet.

Very simple single target fight for DPS. You should never fall off the platform during downdraft. SI glyph should mean you have it up for every second Quills (the others use barkskin). Stay out of green unless you’re assigned to absorb it (best done with Dispersion or Bubble), if ranged are stacked you can help them out with Stampeding Roar. For more details on this fight I have already written a post, check it out!


If there’s anything I’ve left out or you feel I should have mentioned, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Throne of Thunder: Feral DPS Guide P1

  1. It’s hard to tell how much actual dps increase it is, since skada does not identify which is cat and which is bear. However, my dps seems really good whenever I do get a chance to use it (even on non-tortos trash). The only problems for weaving it in is tank threat, not capping on energy which means using your energy bar up before switching, making sure TF is on cooldown and you’re not clipping it. Because of all these factors I may only bear thrash 1-2 times per set of bats. But it does seem very effective from my experience.

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