The Ups and Downs – End of another Raid Week

WoWScrnShot_060313_220830I have a few things on my mind and I felt it was maybe a good time to do some updates on my blog. I have a few ideas for new posts, specially one on Feral addons, which I’ll expand on soon. Also this raid week has had some very good highs but ultimately ended in disappointment, which I will also get to soon.

First of all, I’ve decided to change the name of the blog. The name I chose as part of my assignment has been irking me for a long time. Originally, my web presence was meant to say something about my identity. At the time I thought that not only is my online identity centred a lot around gaming, it’s around being female and playing games that are mostly tilted towards a male market. The reason the name irked me though, was because I don’t want to be categorised as a girl first and a gamer second. Actually, I don’t think gender should make one person treated any differently to the next, and by referring to that in the name of the blog kind of felt like I was the one making it an issue. The only thing that stopped me was purely the fact that I couldn’t think of anything better.

So last night as I was trying to drift off to sleep, and was having those random thoughts that get in the way, somehow my mind got onto the track of dog training techniques working with, rather than against, their prey drive, and that cats in particular have a super strong prey drive as well. In my sleepy state, this seemed like the best idea ever for the name of a feral druid related blog. I made sure to set it in my mind as I tried to go back to sleep so I wouldn’t forget the next day. Today I changed the name of my blog but by then it didn’t seem like as much of an awesome, original idea as it did last night. But I’m prepared to stick with it. On the whole I feel like it’s a good reference to kitty druids.

Now to the ups and downs. Monday was the last night of our raid week, and after having just straight bad luck on Iron Qon the night before (despite 2 shotting him the previous week), we downed Twin Consorts on the first try, despite our raid leader yelling in aggravation on vent that he couldn’t work out how to make the constellations. So finally, we were up to Lei’Shen! Rune of ReOrigination would finally be within my grasp! I’d watched the guides, we’ve all done it on LFR, and it didn’t seem that hard. We sorted out our 4 groups, with 2 tanks together in one, a healer and warlock with lots of survivability in the other group of 2, and 1 healer per each of the last 2 groups. It looked like it was going to be pretty easy. We so had this.

But we didn’t. First phase went fine each time. The problem was the intermission. Even with Stampeding Roar glyphed for 30 yard range, people were getting selected before they got into position, usually the group who had to run furthest. 2 statics in on quadrant was just plain horrible and happened several times, and sometimes resulted in adds spawning from the swirls because people were stunned. Also the group on the chain lightning quadrant kept dying.

Surely this intermission phase can’t be that hard?

Finally we swapped one of the tanks to the group who was getting adds. We got to the next phase with 1 death or none? Not sure. But by this time it was almost end of raid and the last few attempts were hampered by more bad luck. Really disappointing. The only upturn is that we’re going to save our lockout and continue this week.

But that’s when the bad news started coming in.

The OT has exams coming up and needs to study, and doesn’t really want to raid for the next 2 weeks.

One of the healers is going overseas in 2 weeks (at least that’s what he said), and another wants a day off next week to watch State of Origin.

Worst of all, the GM who is the raid leader has RL problems including girlfriend aggro, and is finding it hard to juggle work, a long distance relationship and visa options and so wants to spend some time working out arrangements to move to Australia (and if all goes according to plan, actually moving), and will be gone indefinitely, maybe for a month or more.

This is probably the biggest problem because no one wants to raid lead.

A few other people are happy to take a break, but the other half of the raid is going to be really disappointed. I won’t deny I’m really annoyed and a little angry, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Not at the people who have to drop WoW for real life because I understand that. Shit happens.

Does it make sense that I’m angry about the turn of events without hating anyone for causing them? Or maybe I am a little angry at them but I understand? I’m not sure.

We’re a pretty tight knit group at the moment. We don’t have any reliable substitutes for raids. We’ve also been working really well together, getting up to 11/12 after being nearly a month late to start Throne of Thunder and being undergeared when it was released, to some nights downing 2 progression bosses. The last few weeks have had a fantastic momentum. Plus, if we are to get Lei’Shen down this coming week, we should be diving into hard modes, and I think we have, or had, a strong enough team to do that. Also I’m meant to manage recruitment for the guild, but our server is like a dead horse occasionally being prodded with a stick to see if there’s any life still in it. The few guilds still raiding on our faction cannot find new raiders, and are often trying to pug the last spot with varied amounts of success. Pugging someone for a 10 man heroic mode boss? HAHA don’t make me laugh. Maybe one person missing I could ask around my friends list and find a viable substitute, but for multiple people, forget about it.

We’ve discussed transferring servers but are still leaving it to a last resort option. We have a large sized casual membership in the guild many of whom were raiders in the past, and no one wants to displace them either.

Anyway, that’s pretty much the downs. The disappointment. The frustration. So content on here will be a little drier than usual with less raiding to write about, but I’ll soon hopefully be finishing a guide on the second half of ToT from feral PoV. And I have plans on making an addon guide.

The idea for this really came about by a few comments about sites – I think it was Icy Veins – saying there are no addons needed to play a feral druid optimally. This is just plain wrong. I started thinking then, what are addons that are basically required to be able to play a feral druid optimally? The most important things, I think, is both a way to track your important buffs and debuffs (I would recommend DroodFocus here) and a move suggestion helper – not to tell you what to do, but to help make the split second decisions (Ovale is by far the best for this). So while I try to decide on the scope of this guide (the more things I think of to include the more I feel like I’m moving away from the intention of the guide) any input, ideas, advice, opinions are very welcome.

If there was more I was planning on writing about, I’ve already forgotten, so maybe next time!

3 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs – End of another Raid Week

  1. That is a really interesting name you have changed too and I like it. Has being a girl who games had an impact on your ability to play? e.g. not been selected in preference for a male or the like? In my experience, females are generally treated fine. Occasionally in pugs (back when pugging was a think) there might be some sexists jokes or rudeness but it’s to be expected given the number of people who play the game. Not saying it’s justified, just saying that it’s a thing. But good on you for making the change 🙂

    You are not the only one who is suffering guild issues. We started in ToT the week it came out but have only progressed to council. Our biggest problem is that we can’t keep a second tank, but when we do, we down bosses. I’ve written blog posts about recruiting, advertised on twitter and had posts in 3 different forums and no bites. It’s really disheartening. However, it looks like we have a second tank so fingers crossed for some solid council progression this week.

    State of Origin is pretty big in Australia, not surprised that people want it off. It used to be a big league fan, but I think I’ve just grown out of it, like I’ll watch it if there is a party at someones place, or go down to the pub with mates, but if there’s nothing happening, then meh.

    I really like the guide idea that you are thinking about. I would love to see a guide on Drood Focus and Ovale, as I have never used both. I’ve only used one move suggesting addon (Feral by night) and I didn’t like it. I just inherently know what to use next. Sure I make a mistake, like using a FB at the wrong time letting Rip fall off or dumb shit but I’m confident that 90% + of the time I’m doing it correct.

    The Icy Veins addon comment about Ferals I also find to be BS. I actually submitted that as a question to the previous Team Waffle Cast Feral Round Table last year. And they were like, oh hell no! Combo points and SR are in opposite corners of the screen, then tracking dots, boss health, looking out for shit etc… You really need to centralize your information.

    I think a UI guide would be a good place to start, getting all the information you need in an easily accessible place. Then start adding in addons. I use Bad Kitty personally for dot tracking. I generally can keep track of what buffs I got on my dots. It could be better, but my UI needs an overhaul, which when I’m not at uni or work or doing other shit, I’ll get around too.

    Anyway, love the name change, stick with it, keen to read some blogs about Feral addons / guides. Keep the posts coming. Cheers,


    P.S. Sorry for the long comment 🙂

    • It’s hard for me to attribute what may have been because of gender as it’s often mixed with many other circumstances. On the whole, I don’t feel like it’s an issue in my guild. They’ve had a lot of girls in the guild who raid, some better than others as are players in general, and it’s not really an issue. However I’ve felt in the past like I’ve needed to put in that extra effort to get respected by the other people in the guild. Like, a guy could join the guild and be a good dps/healer/tank whatever, immediately +1 respect. Girls I feel like it takes a bit longer. Whereas girls who are openly girly, flirty and chatty seem to be universally liked much easier (but probably not respected). But like I said, it’s really hard to disentangle what is because of gender and what’s just coincidental. As to disclusion I don’t believe I have experienced that but then I don’t go announcing my gender for no reason, so perhaps if I did my experience would be different.

      When I was trying to recruit for our guild during MoV and then HoF, I was advertising in trade every night, set up forum posts, and got no bites at all, probably mostly because of our progress, so it becomes a pretty harsh cycle where you can’t progress because of numbers but no one wants to join a guild with slow progression. It kind of sucks that so many of us would have to transfer to an already overpopulated server just to be able to raid. I forsee servers getting merged or something in the future unless they enable Cross Server raiding on current content (I don’t think this has happened yet?).

      My opinion on move suggestion addons is that, exactly as you described, people should know and understand the spec without it. I find a lot of the time I don’t pay attention to what Ovale is saying because I know what to do, but it helps making the split second decisions, like whether it’s better to use Rip or Savage Roar. As we know, timing is very important for our dps. Though how this is currently configured it recommends mangle and a combo generator because it’s technically a dps increase outside of Berserk/Heroism/Bloodlust (faster combos, more finishers for Soul of the Forest, etc), and I generally ignore that and use shred unless I need 5 combos again before rip wears off, or on the pull/target switch to get rip up. Simply because I’m stubborn and I don’t like the mangle-spam play style.

      I think the idea about the addons actually came about because of your question relating to Icy Veins – and you’ll notice since that podcast they updated the guide to include addons. Just looking at it now, the only addon they suggest just for feral is Droodfocus. There’s a few UI addons that I agree with which I was wondering whether to include or not like grid (and click sets), weak auras – but stuff like DBM and Omen is pretty much standard.

      The more I think about this the more ideas I get and they surely aren’t going to fit into one post (or they would, but it’d be very very long).

      • Yeah good point. My experience is pretty biased because I’ve always raided with my wife, who is very head strong, and there have always been females in my guilds and they have always been respected. Much of the flak I see comes mostly from pugs / trade chat etc…. I’m not a women so I can’t truly empathise, but it must tough.

        The viscous cycle of not being able to progress because of numbers but no one will join because of lack of progression is so brutal. Last night the 2nd tank didn’t log on, again, and I spend 1.5 hrs recruiting a pug tank, that was so under geared that Horridon was 2 shotting them. Then we ran out of time cause I couldn’t get a pug. So that’s basically another week wasted that could have been attempts on council. Makes me so frustrated.

        For your guide you could do a series of posts and link them together, just make addons a post, or a post to each addon. I wrote a post about Clique + grid from a Ferals perspective ( I plan on writing another about Bad Kitty which is the only Feral specific addon I used, but I haven’t go around to it yet.

        Keep us posted about your blogs, keen to read.


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