Throne of Thunder: Feral DPS Guide P2

Bosses 7-12 Throne of Thunder


If all spec/glyph choices are not mentioned, assume it’s the basic build for DoC (or HotW, whatever be your preference). These are from the PoV of 10 man but may be applicable to 25 as well.

In the interests of getting this guide out sooner rather than later, it may still be a work in progress. As always, advice and comments are welcome.

Durumu the Forgottten (Normal)

Symbiosis: Priest/Paladin (defensive) Warlock> Rogue (Utility).

Spec Choices: Either Wild Charge or Feline Swiftness. Wild charge is iffy if it will work but is good for changing to adds.

Glyphs: Doesn’t matter too much. Shred is useful if you’re forced to be in front of Durumu during disintegration beam phase or for the beams.

Goal: Pre-pot and Berserk on the pull. Because of Durumu’s huge hit box Wild Charge is temperamental as to whether it will work. It is really good for switching to the beam adds but you’ll suffer similar max/min range issues with Wild Charge here too.

It’s a really good idea to practice this fight in LFR before on normal. There’s more room for error during the maze phase in LFR so you can get a feel of how the maze works. The easiest paths are further out, and shouldn’t be a problem with Feral’s movement speed (further away from centre means longer travel time). It is better to get hit once or twice by the purple fog than to get hit by Disintegration Beam. If you make a mistake be sure to use your defensive cooldowns, like Barkskin, Survival Instincts, Dispersion, Bubble and NS or Renewal. Be aware that even when Disintegration Beam ends, the maze will still be active for a short amount of time.

There are probably a few guides out there on the maze itself, but a few more pointers. If you are having trouble with the inner part of the maze it may be wise to select a further one. Durumu has a large hit box, and a little dps lost in this phase is much better than dying and doing no dps. If the maze chooses to open very close to Durumu it can be very difficult to see where to go as for some reason the opening is directly next to the boss. Don’t panic; inch away from the beam and don’t go jumping into the purple.

Overall not a difficult fight, just need to know what your job is, limit your damage and do the fight correctly.

Primoridius (Normal)

Symbiosis: Rogue > Warlock / Priest or Paladin

Spec Choices: Wild Charge > Feline Swiftness

Glyphs: Possibly Shred

Goal: This is a very fast paced fight and your damage output will depend largely on how quickly you can get your debuffs up and get mutated. Wild Charge is nice for changing to blobs or back onto Primordius. The red pools that the blobs emerge from are not dangerous, so you can start on a blob as soon as it appears. In 10 man each blob only buffs one person, so in our runs each dps would choose a spawn and kill the blobs from that one.

Save your cooldowns for when you get fully mutated. Depending on DPS there should be enough time for a second Berserk during your second mutation. Before your mutation ends, be sure to refresh your rip and rake before heading back to the cursed little blobs. Get your stacks up again as quickly as possible and get back to the boss. Avoid all pools on the ground once you are mutated, and never step in the purple ones. A few extra thrashes in groups of blobs can help get a few extra down for healers to get their debuffs, or use Soul Swap onto a blob.

Blobs will merge into a pack on the inner circle.

Blobs will merge into a pack on the inner circle.

The tank should kite the boss around in a large circle, and the blobs will pile up on the inner side of that circle. I found to avoid the puddles after being mutated it’s a good idea to angle yourself on the outside of the boss’s circle.

Dark Animus (Normal)

Symbiosis: Warlock > Rogue / Paladin > Priest

Spec Choices:

Wild Charge ~ Feline Swiftness (preference based)

Heart of the Wild if a raid CD is required.

SotF > Incarnation depending on how much burst you want/need

Glyphs: Possibly survival instincts

Goal: This is a pretty long fight with a short burn phase. The usual strat for this fight involves each person tanking their own add and killing them one at a time to charge a chosen construct. You should never let your own get close to another small construct, even if it’s deactivated. DoC buffed heals are very nice here for keeping yourself topped up to relieve some pressure off healers, but the adds do not hit very hard.

If everything else goes according to plan, when the boss appears the raid should burn him as fast as possible. Incarnation may work out better here if this phase is very fast. Only downside is you will be moderately energy starved afterwards. Use barkskin/survival instincts when boss casts interrupting jolt. A raid CD such as tranquility may be required after this. If you chose to symbiosis a paladin you can bubble and tranquility just as boss does interrupting jolt. Assuming everything goes smoothly during the add phase, the last phase should be relatively straightforward.

Iron Qon (Normal)

Symbiosis: Priest > Paladin > DPS Warrior  for Stampeding Roar CD

Spec Choices:

Wild Charge > Feline Swiftness (personal opinion)

Heart of the Wild if a raid CD is needed

Glyphs: Glyph of Shred

Goal: This fight is very tricky with more than 2 melee. Since we had 3 when we did this, we had 2 of us stand together and the third apart, and stacked when it was our turn to get debuffed. Ranged handled the tanks. Boss turns a lot to cast so glyph of Shred should be useful. There is a high amount of damage going out in this first part of the fight so remembering to cycle defensive cooldowns when you are taking a lot of damage is a good idea.

On the first cyclone phase you should use your Stampeding Roar (unless another druid or a symbiosis’d warrior are chosen for this task). Be careful trying to run straight through the cyclones; because of the back draft it may be better to veer to the direction the next cyclone is going. A form cancelling macro for Wild Charge onto a friendly target is very helpful here. If you did your stamp roar on the first, you can use Dash on the second. Avoid standing on cracks as much as possible, rotate defensive cooldowns during pound. HotW tranquility should be a good option here.

Dispersion is really good here if you need to stay alive, and good for cyclone phase, especially if you use your movement increase first (you’ll keep it during Dispersion but you cannot cast while in dispersion, unless it’s to shapeshift). Divine Shield is another option to run straight through the cyclones.

If you get rooted to the ground you cannot shift out of it but Stampeding Roar/Dash will work.

Twin Consorts (Normal)

TwinConsortsSymbiosis: Priest > Paladin

Spec Choices: Wild Charge > Feline Swiftness

Dream of Cenarius > Heart of the Wild

Glyphs: Glyph of Shred (sometimes useful)

Goal: Relatively straightforward fight for melee if you’re just on the boss/s. Stay out of fire and anything else on the ground. I haven’t had much opportunity to experiment with this encounter but often the not-active Consort is immune to damage when she appears so Soul Swap or bleed cleaving will have limited uses.

The bosses will turn to cast sometimes so Glyph of Shred may be of use here. Wild Charge should be preferable to FS for easily re-engaging after the tanks reposition or when Suen does her flame charge, and to get over her flame trail.

Lei’Shen (normal)

Symbiosis: Priest > Paladin

Spec Choices: A choice of

Wild Charge, Feline Swiftness or Displacer Beast

Glyphs: Stampeding Roar > Survival Instincts

Goal: This is a multi phased encounter with a lot of high damage periods and semi-avoidable damage, and unforgiving of mistakes. Single target Lei’Shen to about 65% health where you’ll need to get to your assigned quadrant. Glyphed Stampeding roar is very good here to help everyone get into position as quickly as possible, and it is essential that people make it to their sections quickly. Feral is a good choice for the furthest section due to our run speed.

Make sure you know what you need to do for the abilities of your platform. Displacer beast is really useful (for the first time ever) for moving between segments, blinking to swirls and getting into your position during the intermission. WC and FS are also strong choices depending on your preferences.

Dispersion is incredibly helpful for static shock to relieve pressure on your healer (if you have one with you). Use DB to quickly get to swirls and be sure to communicate with your raid members which one you have covered (or pre-assign sections you will take).

This is a coordinated team effort. It is important to ensure you do your job properly, stay out of nasty stuff on the ground, get away from lightning strike – especially during the last phase to make life easier for your healers who have to contend with the pushing wind while healing a lot of damage.

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