Bloopers for this week

Ah, the facepalm worthy moments that I somehow feel it’s therapeutic to share with strangers…

On Wednesday, two rogues were in the Mage Tower in Stormwind trying to gank, so I decided to take my druid there and show them a lesson ^_^. I just equipped my PvP trinket and left my PvE gear on, because I’m lazy. First attempt they killed me though I got one to about 30% health and had 5 combo points about to do a rip when they managed to pull together and stun me to death. Then somehow they got separated and I managed to kill both of them. Good times.

So that night we did Heroic Jin’Rokh who we’ve done a few times before. Except this time we wiped half the night to things we know how to do. On top of that I just couldn’t seem to do decent numbers and was considering changing to Incarnation to burst during the pool phases, when after about an hour, we finally got him down.

No heroic helm for me, no trinket. So I used my coin.
Damn! Ring.
Wait, Heroic thunderforged ring.

So as I go to equip it and reforge it the same as my old ring (which was the same one, only normal TF), I realise that this entire time, I’ve had my PvP trinket equipped.

The rest of the night was pretty mediocre, and so was my damage, except on Tortos, where lets face it, AoE. ‘Nuff said.

So last night we were doing attempts on Heroic Ji’Kun, which we hadn’t managed to down yet, mostly just because of either tank deaths or messing up nest rotations. Again I feel like my DPS is terrible even though I was getting as many Primal Nutrient buffs as I could. But I figured, I always got them at the worst possible times (i.e. right before downdraft). But somehow, on the 5th or so attempt, things came together. We finally got it down.

That moment, where someone says “just burn it!”. Love it. Happy kitty.

Next was Durumu, who was on Normal. During this fight I was able to pay a bit more attention, and something odd was happening. When my Rune of Re-origination procced, my Droodfocus was telling me the bleeds were weaker than the ones I had on currently. Several times.
This can’t be right?
And my damage on Durumu was only about 150k, where last week I managed 200k.
At the end of the fight I look at my gear, and my stats… and haste is higher than mastery. /facepalm. All I changed was my TF ring to H-TF!
I’d done all the bosses, from Horridon to Durumu, proccing haste on my Rune without even realising it, and blindly reapplying my bleeds with 0 mastery.

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