Siege of Orgrimmar – Feral DPS p.1

Bosses 1-4 Siege of Orgrimmar

The following bosses are from the point of view of Feral Druid in normal mode SoO 10man. I won’t be going into detail on specific strategies here as that’s what dedicated guides are for.

If no glyph/talent is mentioned, assume it is the generic build (i.e. Cat Form and Savage Roar for glyphs) of your choice. Also, many spec choices are opinion based so if you have a preference (e.g. Feline Swiftness over Wild Charge) do not interpret my recommendation as the end-all of choices! Feedback, advice etc would be greatly appreciated!


Symbiosis: Your choice of Priest/Paladin for defensive, Mage for Frost Nova for adds, or Warlock / Rogue for swapping between adds but in practice it’s kind of /meh

Spec Choices:

Tier 1:Wild Charge (personal preference) > Displacer Beast > Feline Swiftness, though all are viable. Wild Charge is useful for slowing or rooting adds (i.e. bear charge).

Tier 3: Anything will work, depending how much you need to control adds.

Tier 5: Ursol’s Vortex or Mighty Bash.

Tier 6: HotW if you need a raid CD or having trouble healing blobs for any reason (note that Tranquillity does not work on the blobs). Otherwise your choice.

Glyphs: Nothing really make much of a difference.

Goal: Easier fight as the first boss in the instance. The start will be the best burn phase you have, as the boss will frequently disappear and call adds, and each time he returns he has less health and stays up for less time, so each dps window will be smaller and smaller.

Control your adds with slows/knockbacks if you need and remember to stand on the adds when they die where you can. If you have time you can help heal up the greenish-blue adds which will give you a healing buff when they’re healed to full if you’re standing on them. They don’t take much to heal but your rejuv will take a while to take affect. PS healing touch is quite effective if you have time or a hardcast HT if you have a lot of time. You can see where the dark blobs will form from the dark cloud they put up on the ground, and also position yourself where there are going to be the most adds forming. The blobs don’t have much health and shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but if for any reason your group is having problems make sure to make use of typhoon/Mass Entangle/Ursol’s Vortex and so on. Thrash on groups of ~3 or so.

Your knockback/ cc abilities will be useful when you have a lot of adds spawn in your area, as the locations are random. This will buy time if you cc some and kill another group, or to buy time for other dps to run over to assist.

The Fallen Protectors

Symbiosis: Warlock / Rogue

Spec Choices:

Wild Charge

Dream of Cenarius ~ Heart of the Wild Depending on whether you need a raid cooldown.

Glyphs: Glyph of Shred should be strong here especially on Sun who turns to cast constantly.

Goal: You will find frequent target switching on this fight, and as gear improves, less time on each boss. Soul Swap is very good for switching to adds during transitions, but be very careful about using it for the other Protectors as you could inadvertently bring them to 66 or 33%, and same goes for multi-bleeding. Wild charge is very strong for switching to adds. Also note we found it better to not bother interrupting Sun at all so it’s best not to waste your time.

If you prefer Heart of the Wild, hurricane during He’s transition for aoe should be strong. On normal mode we haven’t needed any extra healing cooldowns during this phase but be wary of any extra damage you’re taking from adds and use your Barkskin/Healthstone etc. In my experience I haven’t had a need for large personal cooldowns such as Dispersion or Divine Shield, but they would be very useful if you have to soak Mark of Anguish (however we don’t have any issues passing this off to OT straight away).

Soul Swap would be very good however during the burn phase (-33%), and rake cleaving also. AoE will be difficult here as Rook is usually tanked separately because of his spin attack, but be sure not to neglect him.


Symbiosis: Warlock/Rogue > Priest/Paladin (for defensive)

Spec Choices:

Wild Charge

Dream of Cenarius or Heart of the Wild for raid cooldown

Glyphs: Possible Glyph of Shred to be able to shred during the killer beam while tank is moving the boss around. Other than that there are no specific benefits.

Goal: Your DPS is going to depend hugely on when you are selected to go into your “trial”. We personally choose 2 DPS to go first as there isn’t a lot of healing required at the beginning. This however will cause a lot of adds to spawn at once for the rest of the raid. Do not use your big dps cooldowns before you are purified unless you’re basically going last.

For the trial, bleed cleaving is very strong. I get 1 big add and 3 little adds since I go in in the first round with our Warlock (I believe you have 4 little guys if you’re on 100% corruption). I like to Rake the closest little one, then switch to the largest. When he’s dead I re-apply rake to any that are still alive and kill them one by one. For me a Rake will take most of the health from the little adds (and I started doing this fight at around 536 ilvl) and I actually found I had to pace myself a little so I wouldn’t swamp the rest of the raid with adds as they all die at the same time from bleeds. If for any reason you can’t get enough damage in here, you may have to use your Berserk. As it has been mentioned before, practising proving grounds will give you an excellent handle on killing multiple targets in a limited time.

If you manage to purify yourself and haven’t needed Berserk, now is a good time to pop your damage moves and burn the boss. As long as you stay at 0 corruption you do 25% bonus damage. Stand in front of the little adds who cast at the boss, and Soul Swap bleeds to big targets when you’re trying to squeeze in more damage on the boss. At lower gear levels this boss can have a pretty tight enrage, but remember that damage to small adds also damages the boss. You should avoid the black orbs on the ground dropped by the big adds after you are purified unless you are on bitch duty to pick them up.

There is some hefty raid damage towards the end so you may be asked to assist with a HotW raid cooldown, otherwise cycle your personal cooldowns and self heals.

All in all, the better you are overall on the DPS metres, the better experience you are going to have on this boss, as top dps are usually sent in first!

Sha of Pride

Symbiosis: Rogue/Warlock to apply bleeds to big add, Priest for defensive cooldown

Spec Choices:

Wild Charge (if you need to kill the big add) – Displacer Beast (if you need to help with prisons) or Feline Swiftness for a good all-rounder

Ursol’s Vortex maybe if you want to keep the little adds clumped up.

Heart of the Wild could be beneficial towards the end for hurricane on the little adds.

Glyphs: Possibly Survival Instincts when you know there is going to be a big damage burst, but since the boss should never turn you shouldn’t have any need for Glyph of Shred.

Goal: A pretty nice, mostly single target fight. You can either choose to gamble waiting for Gift of the Titans for your Berserk or use it on the pull (if you then get Gift it’s an added bonus). Remember to stack tightly for gift of the titans!

Displacer Beast should be very good for prisons, unless you already have a very fast team. There’s also always plenty of time to anticipate prisons and start moving, but do not stand on the markers beforehand or you will be knocked off.

Range is far more ideal for dealing with the big add but if you must help Wild Charge or DB should be strong here.

On normal mode we haven’t needed any extra cooldowns during this encounter so your HotW tranq may not be needed depending on your healers. HotW Hurricane would be useful towards the end for the adds but whether you get much more use out of it other than that is iffy. If you’re mostly on the boss for this fight then DoC should come out very strong.


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