Siege of Orgrimmar: Feral DPS p.2

Bosses 5-8 Siege of Orgrimmar

Welcome to the second part of my Feral PoV guide through Siege of Orgrimmar. Bosses covered here are Galakras, Iron Juggernaut, Kor’Kron Dark Shaman and General Nazgrim. To see my guide on the first 4, click here.

The following bosses are from the point of view of Feral Druid in normal mode SoO 10man. I won’t be going into detail on specific strategies here as that’s what dedicated guides are for.

If no glyph/talent is mentioned, assume it is the generic build (i.e. Cat Form and Savage Roar for glyphs) of your choice. Also, many spec choices are opinion based so if you have a preference (e.g. Feline Swiftness over Wild Charge) do not interpret my recommendation as the end-all of choices! Feedback, advice etc would be greatly appreciated!


Symbiosis: Paladin > Priest > Monk > Warlock/Rogue


Feral Charge > Feline Swiftness

Renewal or Cenarion Ward depending on your need for self heals.


Mighty Bash

HotW (if you’re staying to mop up adds) – DoC possibly if you’re doing towers

Glyphs: Glyph of Shred for mobs who decide they want to turn and cast every 2 seconds.

Goal: You will have one of 2 roles for this fight: stay on the ground and AoE the shit out of everything, or join a small team for towers and kill some mini bosses.

If you’re staying on the ground HotW is probably going to work out better for you, as you’ll not have many chances for a DoC rotation. You’ll spend most of your time on the shamans interrupting them, and throwing out at many thrashes as you can on other mobs. Typhoon/Might Bash or Clash (from Monk) for getting Fracture casting mobs off your friendly NPCs. This is very important, as they take a lot of damage from this move and it’s very difficult to heal them up again. Wild Charge should be very useful for changing to these guys to Bash them. Other than add control, you really don’t have much to do on the ground but stay out of bad and make everything bleed.

If you’re going towers, you may find Feline Swiftness a bit better, but Wild Charge has the benefit of saving you from a derp moment when the mini bosses knock you off the tower. I personally run DoC while on tower duty, and it should see some additional benefit as the mini bosses have a higher health pool so you should get at least one good Rip ticking on them. I like to thrash the mobs at the bottom of the tower and rake each one while running to the top. Don’t go all out on them as your tank will be running straight up. Up there cleave where you can but concentrate on the mini boss as they’re the one likely to mess up you or your tank. After that it’s a process of killing the rest of the adds (Rake them all up if you can), and someone jumping in the cannon to shoot down the extra proto-drakes. Make sure you jump down in Cat Form, and if you aim it right you shouldn’t take much fall damage. I find if I kind of walk into the spikes on the edge I fall through them close to the tower and take less damage.

You’ll go each tower after a Demolisher appears and is killed. After clearing the boss on the second tower, someone will run back over to the first and climb up the rope. Most guides say you have to both hit Galakras at the same time with the cannons. This isn’t strictly true; one of you has to hit him while he is stunned by the other. So since I’m on the second tower waiting, I sit there and shoot Galakras to keep him stunned. When the last of the trash is dead downstairs, the other tower cannon shoots him and he’s knocked down straight away (no countdowns needed, no aiming errors).

Now this part can get kind of hectic. You’ll need to stack behind the boss in melee range, and run to the back of your stacked group when you get the laser beam. This part is a huge DPS race, as the longer the boss lives the more damage the raid is going to take. By being the closest to the boss when he casts his fireball you’ll be getting a stacking debuff. At about 4 or so stacks, use Divine Shield to drop your stacks if you have it, otherwise ~3-4 with dispersion and stand to the side and wait for your stacks to wear off. Remember to cycle defensive cooldowns because this stuff really hurts. But the faster you get this stuff down the easier the fight is going to be.

Iron Juggernaut

Symbiosis: Priest >> Paladin


Wild Charge

Renewal for any “Oh shit” moments

Glyphs: Glyph of Survival Instincts

Minor: Grace

Goal: This is a relatively simple single target fight, and one of the easier bosses to learn. The only quirk is the bombs that the boss will call which will detonate and do raid wide damage if left alone. They deal about 1.5 million physical damage, which is tempered by armour. Feral has a few tricks to survive these, combinations I’ve found to be survivable are:

  • Dispersion (or Divine Shield)
  • Bear Form + Barkskin
  • Might of Ursoc
  • Survival Instincts

In my experience, Bear Form alone will not work, or will cut it extremely closely. By the time you cycle through these abilities they should start coming off cooldown again. Dispersion is much better here than Divine Shield because the cooldown means it will be available again during the fight.

Wild Charge should be up for each Shock Pulse, so spamming it as he is casting will usually pop you right back on him, without having to worry about backing to a wall or fence. Displacer Beast could work too if timed right but has a longer cooldown.

If you’re not on bomb duty however (lucky you if so) simple single target with DoC.

Kor’Kron Dark Shaman

Symbiosis: Warlock > Rogue > Priest/Paladin


Tier 1: Displacer beast > Wild Charge

Tier 2: Renewal or CW if you need some extra survivability, as you will take heavy damage at times.

Tier 3: Typhoon

Tier 5: Ursol’s Vortex

Tier 6: DoC feels very strong but there is some insane damage intake so you may feel obliged to use a raid cooldown with HotW

Probably Glyph of Shred for QoL

There’s no getting around the fact that this is a shit fight for melee. There will be times where you simply cannot do anything because you have to avoid numerous mechanics.

At the start there will be the bosses (who share a health pool), and their wolf mounts. Now the idea is to quickly take down both the wolves first. Having said that, you’ll find if you’re pre-potted and with all your procs you’ll be putting a very strong rip up on a wolf that’s probably not going to live the full duration, as they’ll die pretty fast. My advice is to put a full rip on one and push it to one of the bosses with Soul Swap before the wolf dies, or Rake everything and sit on one of the bosses with thrash/swipe. This is the best period of damage you will have the whole fight as it gets increasingly hectic as the fight progresses. I usually find I can’t make any use of my Berserk after the initial pull.

Once the dogs are down it doesn’t really matter which boss you  stick to, but if you don’t have any rogues/locks to symbiosis you’ll likely be switching between them to keep your bleeds up. At the very least keep a Rake up on both of them. Otherwise I like to focus on Earthbreaker Haromm as Wavebinder Kadris will periodically stop in bad to channel a cast. You don’t have to go with Soul Swap however I find it much smoother than switching plus it really helps if the bosses get separated by tanks kiting through bad. Otherwise you may want to go with a defensive symbiosis to deal with heavy damage.

Throughout the fight you’ll basically be having to stand on the sidelines to avoid slimes and other bad on the ground. Ursol’s Vortex should be up for about every second wave of slimes, but make sure you don’t put it down straight away, wait until you see enough spawn at the same spot. Typhoon should be up nearly every time, make sure you’re not knocking them directly into ranged. The important thing is to keep them away from tanks.

Displacer Beast is by far the best option on this fight as it allows you to blink through Ashen Wall, past groups of Foul Slime, and so on. You can get Thrash on the Foul Slime as you run past but it’s not worth trying to deal any real damage to them. Any downtime you can pop a rejuv on yourself to help relieve the healers a bit if you like.

General Nazgrim

Symbiosis: Probably Warlock or Rogue; Warlock allows you to move bleeds to boss while he is in defensive without triggering rage, or from an add with your rip that is about to die. Large defensive cooldowns shouldn’t be needed as you shouldn’t be getting hit hard by anything except the Assassin, and most hard hitting moves aren’t predictable.


Wild Charge


Soul of the Forest or Force of Nature; the latter looks good on paper

Mighty Bash > Ursol’s Vortex Personally I prefer being able to stun on demand

Whatever you like.

Unfortunately another boss that’s mainly add control.

You can either pop your Berserk on the pull and get in a clear burst before he calls adds, or wait until he enters Berserker Stance but risk having to switch for Healing Tide Totem /Kor’kron Banner etc. Luckily banners have relatively low health and the tank will be able to get a lot of its health down on their own. If I’m on adds I find it almost impossible to get to the banner before it dies. All adds here can be stunned/knockbacked, slowed, etc. I like to use Bash on the Kor’kron Ironblade even though they are low priority or any other add that is at risk of killing a raid member (e.g. Assassin).

Keeping Kor’kron Warshamans away from Nazgrim is absolutely imperative and Typhoon comes in handy to knock them away when a tank inadvertently has aggro. A totem dropped near him can be devastating and lead to an enrage.

Put Rake up on high health mobs, thrash on any groups. Unless it is a high priority mob, don’t waste energy putting full bleeds on everything, just do as much damage as you have to. Whereas Shamans and Totems ensure they are dead and not just nearly dead.

If time permits try to get a small window of dps in when Nazgrim goes into Berserker stance, even if you soul swap a set of bleeds at 4-5 combo points to an add to buy time. While this is an add control fight, the enrage timer is quite tight so squeezing in any damage onto the boss where you can is very important.

Soul Swap does not seem to trigger the rage generation in Defensive Stance.


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