Siege of Orgrimmar: Feral DPS p.3

Bosses 9-11 Siege of Orgrimmar

Welcome to the third part of my Feral PoV guide through Siege of Orgrimmar. Bosses covered here are Malkorok, Spoils of Pandaria and Thok the Bloodthirsty. To see my guide on 1-4, click here or 5-8 click here.

The following bosses are from the point of view of Feral Druid in normal mode SoO 10man. I won’t be going into detail on specific strategies here as that’s what dedicated guides are for.

If no glyph/talent is mentioned, assume it is the generic build (i.e. Cat Form and Savage Roar for glyphs) of your choice. Also, many spec choices are opinion based so if you have a preference (e.g. Feline Swiftness over Wild Charge) do not interpret my recommendation as the end-all of choices! Feedback, advice etc would be greatly appreciated!


Symbiosis: Priest > Paladin


Displacer Beast

Ysera’s Gift is highly recommended due to constant heal output

Heart of the Wild (if your group needs the extra heals to deal with Ancient Barrier) – Dream of Cenarius otherwise will provide the best personal dps and survivability


Glyph of Survival Instincts will be very useful if you’re absorbing the Imploding Energy.

Glyph of Shred to be able to shred during Blood Rage – though I prefer to just mangle here.

Goal: Single target fight with no switching, and plenty of uptime on the boss so DoC should come out strong. The increased healing buff with DoC with Healing Touch should greatly help increase your own survivability. Remember there is virtually little to no overhealing on this boss, so Ysera’s Gift and Healing Touch have great personal hps and should keep your shield in the green for most of the encounter. I find that I rarely dip below 100% health during this encounter.

Dispersion or Divine shield is great here if you for some reason get caught in, or know you won’t be able to avoid, Breath of Y’Shaarj soak Imploding Energy. To deal with Arcing Smash we have our Off Tank place raid markers after each one, making it easy to move out for Breath. Displacer Beast allows you to instantly blink out of the middle as soon as the cast for Breath starts, and the cooldown means it will be up for each one. The further you are from the middle the better, and DB by far overshadows other talents for avoiding this move. Otherwise it can be used to soak swirls towards the outside if for some reason ranged can’t reach it.

After 2 Breath’s, the boss will enter phase 2. You will need to attack from the front and enjoy all the parries that come with that. I recommend against using Berserk here, assuming it’s up again, as it’s likely you’ll be energy capping due to missed/parried attacks. Wait till the phase is over first.

Spoils of Pandaria

Symbiosis: Warlock / Rogue


Wild Charge

Heart of the Wild will probably come out better due to the short lives of adds for the raw stats.

Glyphs: Your choice

Goal: Multi-cleave / aoe fight on a timer. On my attempt with Heart of the Wild I found almost no use out of hurricane simply because there never seems to be enough adds up at once, but personal play styles will differ. Due to the short life span of mobs in this encounter, you’ll have very few Rips going for DoC to see a lot of benefit, but I personally like it for the strong Thrash/Rakes.

This is another fight where practice cleaving mobs like in Proving Grounds will help your DPS a lot. Don’t put a Rip up if a mob isn’t going to live for more than 50% of the duration. Thrash wherever possible, Rake tab. I really like Soul Swap to move bleeds from mobs about to die, but I will be honest and say I don’t get a whole lot of usage out of it. Don’t waste energy or combo points on something that is going to die from your dots anyway.

Interrupt Harden Flesh and Earthen Shard where you can on the Mogu side. Harden Flesh debuff can be Shapeshifted out of, so make sure you do to reduce the need for healers to dispel.

At the start I like to save my Berserk for the first mini boss. After that it’s really free for all, so use it whenever it comes off cooldown or there is a high health, high priority mob to kill, such as the Modified Anima Golems. Melee has this fight relatively easy as we aren’t targeted by most harmful moves, and it is possible to pull some decent damage on this encounter as Feral.

Thok the Bloodthirsty

He’s just hungee, trying to feed his dinosaur family.

Symbiosis: Warlock (personal preference) > Priest for defensive > Paladin for uninterrupted Tranquillity > Hunter for Play Dead


Tier 1: Displacer Beast >> Feline Swiftness >>> Wild Charge

Tier 2: Cenarion Ward or Renewal if you have close calls. CW I’ve found does a lot of overhealing but has the benefit of using on other dps or tanks who are out of range of the healers.

Tier 4: Possibly Force of Nature for DPS during Fixate phase, though Soul of the Forest will help greatly for high dps during first phase.

Tier 6: Heart of the Wild coupled with Divine Shield if you need a strong raid cooldown, particularly to extend the first phase.

Glyph of Dash would be valuable.

Glyph of Shred if for some reason you can’t get in the shred sweet-spot.

Glyph of Stampeding Roar would be very valuable for transition.

Goal: First phase is a burn phase. Usually the strat is to burn down as much health as possible while healers cycle raid cooldowns to prevent people from dropping below 50%. Cycle CW (if you took it), and defensives. This would be a really good time to use HOTW Tranq if your raid needs it (Divine Shield should enable you to get it off almost uninterrupted), though in all honestly your DPS on the boss helps just as much to push him to 75% or whatever your goal is to trigger the next phase. Once the Fixate phase starts, Stampeding Roar straight off while everyone is still stacked and run off to the jailer. If you chose Force of Nature, use it ok Thok while damaging the Jailer while your trinkets etc are procc’d.

If you already have enough melee on the Jailer, it is possible to still damage Thok during his fixate phase, providing you get out of the way as he is about to recast fixate. More likely in 10 man mode you will need to be on the Jailer, as range will need to be on Thok. Keep in mind also his movement speed gets faster as the phase goes on.

Displacer Beast is absolutely invaluable on this fight for getting out of sticky moments, away from other players who are Fixated, or for kiting the boss yourself. Be aware on 10 man it is possible to get fixated up to 3 times in a row. Never assume that once your fixate has ended that you’re free to run back in. Always expect there to be another one. Divine shield does not work to survive Blood Frenzy and presumably no other damage reductions or immunities will work either. Feign Death and Play Dead apparently do work to drop the fixate, but this is not recommended unless you are sure you cannot out run him, as this will make him cast fixate again, and also give him another speed stack prematurely which you don’t want. As Night Elf I tried Shadowmeld but it either does not work at all or the constant damage breaks it too early. Either way I would not rely on it.

There will be times where you are kiting or one of your healers is stuck in a fixate (where you will need to keep yourself alive, especially when you have Corrosive Blood). You may need to try to stack up during this time for a Mass Dispel, or make sure you are in range of healers for a manual dispel. CW is pretty good here or a Rejuv.


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