Siege of Orgrimmar: Feral DPS p.4

Bosses 12 & 13 Siege of Orgrimmar

Welcome to the 4th part of my Feral PoV guide through Siege of Orgrimmar. Bosses covered here are Siegecrafter Blackfuse and Paragons of the Klaxxi.

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Deviating a little from my usual grouping, I’m not in a position to write a guide on Garrosh yet but expect it to come in the near future.

The following bosses are from the point of view of Feral Druid in normal mode SoO 10man. I won’t be going into detail on specific strategies here as that’s what dedicated guides are for.

If no glyph/talent is mentioned, assume it is the generic build (i.e. Cat Form and Savage Roar for glyphs) and talents of your choice. Also, many spec choices are opinion based so if you have a preference (e.g. Feline Swiftness over Wild Charge) do not interpret my recommendation as the end-all of choices! Feedback, advice etc would be greatly appreciated, so don’t hesitate to leave a constructive reply.

Siegecrafter Blackfuse


Priest or Paladin for defensives


Displacer Beast highly recommended if you’re doing Conveyor Belt, and also very useful for avoiding Shockwave Missile.

Renewal for large heals, otherwise Ysera’s Gift for easy mode

Typhoon > Faerie Swarm for Crawler Mines, mostly because Typhoon is much easier to use, whereas Faerie Swarm requires targeting.

To be safe I’d go Soul of the Forest if you’re on the conveyor to help get your target down, however it’s a toss up against Incarnation for burst when you do have a small window on the boss. Personally I don’t like Incarnation that much.

Glyphs: Glyph of Shred possibly, as Blackfuse does turn to cast often, and it can be hard to identify when he does.

Like Galakras, you’ll have one of two roles. Either to kill a select machine on the conveyor belt, or tunnel the boss.

If you’re on the boss the whole time all you really need to worry about is avoiding Shockwave Missiles, and slowing or killing the Crawler Mines. The missiles really hurt, so if you find yourself trapped in the area, it’s a good time to use Dispersion or Divine shield.

If you’re on the conveyor belt, your task is a little more complex. Your raid should have a basic kill priority; ours is generally Electromagnet first, then Crawler Mines. Displacer Beast is really useful for getting to the pipes quickly, and there will nearly always be an Assembly Line going, but because of the debuff you will need to take every second one.

If you’re up first, you’ll have time for one Rake before you need to scoot over to the pipe. You should get a rip and rake up quickly on your target, and that will do most of the work for you. Refresh it with Ferocious Bite below 25% to refresh your Rip. It will continue to take damage after going through the last set of lasers, so a good Rip/Rake will hopefully pick off the last of the health as it goes through if you haven’t managed to get it down completely. If you’re going to struggle to get it down, don’t be afraid to use Berserk, as getting one of the machines down is very important for the rest of the raid. Feral is OK for this task, but classes with good, direct damage (as opposed to dot damage) seem to have an easier time.

When you’ve got your target down, walk off into a pipe at the end. Do not jump off, as the momentum of the belt does not affect jumping, so you’ll likely overshoot the pipe and die. If you need to get forward, jump directly forward on the conveyor belt, then run off into the pipe. If you stay too long you will get ported off and take a medium amount of damage.

Once you’re off, you’ll have something like a 30second DPS window to get some damage in on the boss before you’re up for Conveyor belt again.

Paragons of the Klaxxi

See? Not that scary, really.

Symbiosis: Warlock or Rogue, Priest or Paladin for defensive

Wild Charge is really good for changing targets or to adds, Displacer Beast is also handy for getting around

Mighty Bash for bloods

Nature’s Vigil is a great choice if you’re chosen to transform into a scorpion, but this is usually handled by tanks.

Glyphs: Your choice.

Symbiosis on a Warlock or Rogue should help greatly for switching to adds from Bloodletting , Encase in Amber, or to a new target when your current is about to die, making sure you’ve refreshed Rip with Ferocious Bite if you have time.

There’s a lot of target switching in this fight, however cleaving or AOE will do you little good, because of Paragon’s Purpose. Having said that, there will be plenty of times when you have to switch targets to deal with various adds and mechanics. Overall this fight is complicated but not difficult.

The blood blobs from Bloodletting can be stunned which is why Mighty Bash is great here. As far as I can tell they cannot be knocked back.

There’s a lot of abilities going on that will hurt, but the important thing to remember is to stay behind your target, and run into the beam for Aim; this may be a good time to use defensives such as Dispersion as it can still hurt if not enough people got to it.

Encase in Amber has a very short DPS window, and in my opinion Melee will be responsible for the majority of the damage, simply because it’s easier for us to switch. I highly recommend Soul Swap or Redirect to deal with this; you should have some warning before hand as it’s cast at 50%.

Other than that it’s very difficult to give specific advice as there are a load of mechanics going on, but hopefully this has given you enough information to go on to work out what works for you.


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