Weekly Rundown

Alright, so I’ve said many times I’m going to do more consistent posts, possibly weekly. Unfortunately, when I make these promises I don’t take into account that I’m a serial procrastinator and that I don’t really think of ideas on schedule. Plus I frequently forget what day it is.
To make this easier on myself I’m going to come up with a simple formula: What my plans are for future blog posts and updates, my current raid experience and achievements, and game changes.

Content you may expect to see shortly:

  • Currently in the process of writing a specific guide for Garrosh from Feral PoV
  • A rough trinket evaluation based on lower gear levels
  • A fun flow chart on talents

Current Raiding:

We managed to finally down Garrosh last week after several unsuccessful nights of attempts, mostly trying to deal with Mind Control closely timed with other mechanics. A messy kill (but aren’t they always?) but by far not our messiest. We put in an extra raid night on Thursday which we previously were using to supplement gear and practice in Flexi, and managed to get him down earlier than usual. So our other two raid nights we spent doing the meta achievement for SoO, which most of us are 1 achievement off which is the 3 parter on Paragons of the Klaxxi, so new mount next week!

Game changes/discussion:

Well.. uh.. there’s an awful lot going right now with the new expansion announced, and to be perfectly honest I haven’t even had the time to go sifting through all the planned updates and changes for feral and everything else. My current study period is finishing up in a few weeks (thank god!), and while the lead up to Christmas is always hectic, I intend to do some special blog posts on Warlords of Draenor content and hopefully try out the beta for the first time (if I can).


On a side note, this blog has recently reached (and passed) 1,000 hits, which is fantastic! My most popular posts are definitely Feral related guides, so I’ll be sure to provide more useful material for people in the future. If something on this blog has helped you out, it’d be fantastic if you’d sign up for the RSS feed or on Twitter which will announce new blog posts, and pass the link on to anyone you know who may find it interesting.

To keep things short and sweet, and to prevent myself from drafting this post and putting it off for another week, I’m going to leave it at that and post it!

As always, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, ideas or anything, don’t hesitate to leave a constructive comment below!


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