Weekly Rundown

I didn’t do a rundown last week, even though I promised, because I managed to finally finish up my Feral guide to Garrosh and post that, so there didn’t seem much point in an update. I don’t have anything new to add this week, though I have finished study for the year (hooray) so I have no more excuses not to be putting more content on here.

Content you may expect to see shortly:

  • A rough trinket evaluation based on lower gear levels – should get this out this week, I’ve just been putting it off
  • A fun flow chart on talents – I have to make sure my brainstorming ideas can actually be achieved through my artistic ability.. kind of an “eyes too big for your stomach” kind of situation.

Current Raiding:

After spending a week wiping to Immerseus (oh the shame), which is meant to be the “easiest” Heroic, and trying strat after strat (and people getting confused), we tried a new strat as a last resort, which was to use the widest platform at the back of the room, with tanks on the platforms to the sides, and running in to tank the adds so DPS could reach. We downed it on the second attempt using this strat, and I know I was at least a little annoyed we hadn’t just tried that strat to start with, because for some reason we decided on our first attempts that we’d move platforms on each tank swap so DPS would have a clear space, but it was the movement that was messing us up especially with adds, and melee trying to move over were getting punted by absolutely everything on the way including adds.

After that we were like “let’s just try Heroic Protectors for lols, see how we go” we got them down on the second night of attempts.

On a related note, I’m tossing up the idea of writing guides for Heroic bosses from Feral PoV – the problem so far is that most of the talent choices and strats are similar to normal, so there’s not really content enough for a post like I have been doing on normals. Plus there’s a few Heroic mode guides and videos out there already. The kind of niche I’ve been able to fill so far is that most people who take the time to write guides or post videos are doing Heroic modes and have probably breezed through Normals without much trouble with any of the mechanics, so the advice they can give the player who is struggling on that content is minimal, whereas since I’m behind on progression this expansion I can write detailed advice on normal content.

Game changes/discussion:

I’m going to leave the majority of discussion on this until there is some more content to really discuss. So far all I’ve seen is the level 90 talents, some of which definitely need some work before they go live, and to be honest feel a little lackluster for level 90 talents.


That about wraps this up, in the tradition (that I’m starting) of keeping things short and sweet. As always, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, ideas or anything, don’t hesitate to leave a constructive comment below!


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