Feral Trinkets for LFR, Flexi and Normal

First of all, I think I should explain why I would write a post on this. Recently I was lurking on Icyveins forums, and came across a post on BiS trinkets, specifically about Rune of Re-Origination (LFR). A well-meaning person told the poster that Rune is BiS, even if they have LFR version, and they should therefore keep it. The logic here being that since Heroic Rune is BiS for Heroic geared druids, that LFR Rune must be BiS for LFR geared druids.

Secondly, there are a few great gear guides out there including “BiS” if you can call it that, but they focus on heroic gear, since simming lists for every gear level is impossible.

So after importing my own character, converting my gear to LFR value and simming the trinkets in Catus, I thought, why not pick out the standard gear sets available at LFR, Flexi and Normal levels, and find the BiS trinkets at those levels?

Warning: this will not be a definitive list; it is to give people who don’t know how to sim their character an easy guide to sorting trinkets. If you want accurate results for your personal gear, I highly recommend downloading Catus and importing your own character.

Some basic rules about the gear setup for this:

  • To keep things simple, nothing will be upgraded – unless otherwise specified (except Legendary Cape)
  • Gear will be fully gemmed/enchanted
  • Gear will include 4 set plus 1 offpiece, other pieces will be selected based on Agixx’s BiS list and availability*
  • Only trinkets from SoO and Rune of Re-Originiation will be included
  • Gear will include relevant legendaries: Cape and Meta gem.
  • LFR Rune will be compared to LFR gear, and Normal Rune to Flexi and Normal gear
  • Spec is going to assume HotW and SotF as this is the simplest spec to use

Looking For Raid:

Trinket comparisons appear to be the same with and without legendary meta and cape.

Trinket comparisons appear to be the same with and without legendary meta and cape.



Notice the very small DPS difference. Note: With fully upgraded Flex gear, the rankings don’t really change but the DPS difference between them do.



Normal gear, no upgrades.


All gear and trinkets upgraded 8/8 for comparison, as Rune will favour a higher ilvl.

The verdict:

At some gear levels, Rune of Re-Origination does come out on top. However, the theoretical DPS increase is incredibly small – sometimes only 200-300 DPS. Given the high upkeep (reforging and regemming every time you get an upgrade) and required skill for actually making optimal use of the procs, to the casual player Rune may not be worth using. To the Normal and Heroic progression druids, the small DPS increase plus the chance of getting a strong Rip in the execution phase is worth the extra upkeep.

Also worth mentioning is that other trinkets from SoO are all quite close in DPS, especially at the Flexible level. This means if you cannot get a certain one to drop, you’re not being cheated out of a huge amount of DPS.


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