Celestial Tournament Round 1: Part 1 (Wrathion, Chen Stormstout & Taran Zhu)

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With the pace of WoW going into a bit of a lull right now, as people get burnt out from Siege of Orgrimmar and raiding in general, now’s a good time to catch up on those little things I just couldn’t be bothered doing before. One of these is the Celestial Tournament which I thought I’d write a bit of a guide for how I go about defeating the tournament. I don’t have a lot of store pets, and most of my level 25s are from Pandaria because they were easier to level, so I hope my pet lists are a little more accessible than some of the ones I’ve seen.

In this guide I’ll be focusing on Wrathion, Chen Stormstout and Taran Zhu. At the bottom is a video showing this strategy for all 3 fights.

For pet battling teams, I highly recommend the addon PetBattle Teams, which allows you to make and save pet team configurations (pet move selections, etc). It is a serious time saver if you intend to do weekly and daily quests regularly.

List of pets used:

About the Celestial Tournament:

The tournament is a personal instance that allows you to compete against a number of difficult trainers to win a Celestial Coin which can be used to purchase some of the celestial pets for your collection. What makes this difficult, however, is that once your pets are defeated, you cannot resurrect them. If you need to heal your pets, you must leave the instance and start over again. This means to defeat the tournament you need to have a wide selection of high level pets and plan your victory using mostly unique pets without doubling up. There is one exception however; healing abilities like Cleansing Rain, Bleat and Inspiring Song can heal some health in battle. So if you wish to re-use a surviving pet from a previous battle, or you make a mistake and wish to start again, you can use a pet with these abilities to heal between serious matches.

The Celestial Tournament is a weekly, account wide quest available from the Celestial Court on Timeless Isle. If you plan to give this a try for the first time, I thoroughly recommend setting aside a few hours to work on your strategy, as it can be very time consuming, but hopefully this guide will save you some time.


Wrathion undead-icon.v7332Cindy dragonkin-icon.v7332  Alex dragonkin-icon.v7332  Dah’da

WrathionI’ve also done this strategy with other critter pets (Bandicoon Kit for e.g.), so it doesn’t seem to matter a whole lot which you use. I ended up switching to Swamp Croaker for his bubble shield ability, and because Cindy’s primary move is weak against Aquatic. You could also substitute Clock’em for another humanoid, since Dah’da should be nearly dead when you bring him out, as I also use Clock’em against Yu’la later.

Open with Swarm of Flies, Tongue Lash, then Bubble to avoid Cindy’s Blistering Cold and Ice Tomb. Tongue LashTongue Lash (Cindy should die and resurrect), Swarm of Flies. Cindy should die.

Alex: Continue to Tongue Lash until Swamp Croaker dies. Switch to Scourged Whelpling.

Use Call of Darkness, Dreadful Breath (continues for 3 rounds, also damaging backline pet), and continue until Alex dies.

Dah’da: Call of Darkness when it comes off cooldown or Dreadful Breath until Scourged Whelpling dies. Bring out Clock’em. Dah’da should be nearly dead by now, so just finish him off.


Taran Zhu humanoid-icon.v7332  Yen humanoid-icon.v7332  Bolo humanoid-icon.v7332  Li

Taran ZhuSnails are so good on this fight I ended up using 2 of them. However, I almost never need to switch to the second. This is probably the longest fight as you spend a lot of time whittling down your opponent’s health.

Start with Rapana Whelk, Shell Shield, and spam Absorb while refreshing shield at 1 round left. Use Headbutt if you have a comfortable amount of health. Be aware however if it stuns Taran will automatically change to the next pet. Under 50% (800 health), Yen will Feign Death and switch to Bolo, so switch to Jumping Spider.

Use Brittle Webbing, Leech Life, then either Poison Spit or Strike (whichever you choose, either is fine), Leech Life, Brittle Webbing, etc. Continue keeping up Brittle Webbing and using Leech Life until Bolo is dead. Yen will come out, so switch back to Rapana Whelk as Yen will Feign Death again. Li will come out.

Keep up Shell Shield 100%, otherwise Li’s Triple Snap will steamroll your snail. Whittle down his health with Absorb. If you use Headbutt beware of using it directly before Bandage comes off cooldown, or you’ll increase the subsequent heal. Once dead, Yen will come back out. Continue with Shell Shield and Absorb. If your Rapana Whelk dies, switch to Silkbeard Snail.


Chen Stormstout   beast-icon.v7332Tonsa critter-icon.v7332  Chirps  elemental-icon.v7332 Brewly

ChenStart with Darkmoon Zeppelin, Decoy and Missile until Tonsa dies. Chirps will come out, Missile or Bombing Run (or eat the Lullaby) until Zeppelin dies.

Switch to Kun-Lai Runt. Rampage (continues for 3 turns) then Thrash . Chirps should die around this point.

Brewly comes out. Rampage until Kun-Lai Runt dies. Bring out Dancing Water Skimmer. Brewly should be around half health. Water Jet until Brewly dies.


“Ah, you have raised your pets well, and beaten some of Pandaria’s most seasoned and charismatic trainers. But the trial is not over, oh no!”


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