Please note: A lot of this information is no longer relevant but as this about page was for a university assignment, I will be preserving it in its current form for any other students to use as a guide.

My name is Jodie, and I’m currently studying to become a librarian through Online Universities Australia with Curtin University. I love reading and writing, especially fantasy and adventure genres, which is probably what has spurred on my love of mmorpgs. I love becoming immersed in a good book, game or even movie/tv show that presents a world where the usual limits don’t apply. I’m also quite interested in mythology.

Online gaming has been a large interest of mine since I first played NeoPets back in 2000. I later moved onto mmorgps like Runescape, then onto World of Warcraft. My druid on WoW is the influence for the design of my blog and other nodes. As may or may not be obvious by the numerous cat references in the design, my druid is exclusively feral cat. The background and banner I made myself, and I’ve tried to keep the design relatively simple, otherwise I would probably spend days trying to improve it, without really achieving very much. I would like to improve it in the future, maybe when I have more time. The banner I envisioned as a cat in hiding, peering out of the darkness, with the glowing eyes a reference to the glowing of Night Elves’ eyes. The cats are normal cat form, and the flaming cat from Fandral’s Flamescythe.

The other part of my identity as a gamer is being female. There is a lot of stigma and misconceptions about being female and a gamer, especially on mmos, inspiring such guild names as “girl without a mic” and “mmoz before hoez”, and of course the featured quote of this site “there’re no girls on the interwebz” which was a favourite quote of mine from a friend on Runescape. I find there is a general disbelief that girls play mmos, and when people do believe girls do play, they think of them restricted to healing or assist roles as an extension of some maternal “nurturing instinct”, and even then not very competent. Although I do play healing roles on other characters (primarily my priest), I enjoy the feral druid play style, not least because it’s one of the more complex DPS cycles. Plus there’s just satisfying being a huge cat that goes around ripping up things.

Despite the common disbeliefs, there are in fact many female gamers, and about 25% of WoW players are female. My YouTube page for this website includes many video and channel favourites of skilled female gamers, most of which create their own fan-based content and guides.

This web presence is about my favourite games and my gaming thoughts, experiences and a few guides (some serious, others not).

Media on this site:

While many of the screenshots and some of the videos may be by me, there is a lot that isn’t, such as the grooveshark play list (which lists the artists who composed the music), or favourite youtube videos, which I try to ensure are linked back to their original owners. The background and most of the custom pictures are made by me (you can kind of tell), but some pictures are screenshots of games and characters which belong to their respective games.

Suggested further reading/viewing on gaming:

The Truth about Girl Gamers” TamashiiHiroka on YouTube

Jane McGonigal:
Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World (Book)
Truths & Myths in Gaming (Youtube)
Be a Gamer, Save the World
Gaming can make a better world (video)

Liz Danforth:
Games, Gamers & Gaming
Gender and Games: Games, Gamers & Gaming


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