Morgu’shan Vaults

The Stone Guard (Normal)

Symbiosis: Rogue = Warlock > Priest > Paladin

Spec Choices: Wild Charge, Soul of the Forest

Glyphs: No glyphs are better really than basic recommended.

Goal: Your goal here will be to apply as many bleeds as possible on 2 of the dogs (in 10 man). This should be made much easier with symbiosis on a rogue or warlock. Mastery is a very strong stat in this fight. Wild Charge will help significantly for changing targets on tank taunt.

Be sure to use your defensive cooldowns effectively in anticipation of explosions/chains or any other mishaps. If you have used symbiosis on a Priest or Paladin you can assist the raid by setting off the ice traps without taking much (or any) damage.  Be extremely careful doing this if you are currently chained.

Feng the Accursed (Normal)

Symbiosis: Priest > Paladin

Spec Choices: 

Wild Charge > Feline Switfness

Renewal ~ Nature’s Switfness

Dream of Cenarius > Heart of the Wild

Glyphs: Exchange Glyph of Shred for anything you find useful. Glyph of Dash may help in some areas.

Goal: This is a single target fight and the closest to a “patchwerk” encounter in the instance. Normal single target DPS cycle applies, and using Healing Touch with Predatory Swiftness helps a lot with keeping yourself topped up (or throwing a heal on anyone else who is low). Depending on your raid DPS you should be able to use Berserk 2-3 times. I recommend Priest for symbiosis here as Dispersion is very useful if you have an Epicenter. If you choose HotW you can dps during Epicenter with wrath. You may be called on for Tranquility during Epicenter or Arcane Velocity; this may be a useful time to use HotW with tranquility and throw in some Rejuvs if DPS is not an issue. Use defensive cooldowns accordingly during high damage periods.

I recommend Wild Charge here over Feline Swiftness as it makes for faster re-engaging with boss if you get the Wild Fire debuff and need to run out.

Gara’Jal the Spiritbinder (Normal)

Symbiosis: Doesn’t really matter. Rogue or Warlock may be good situationally; Priest or Paladin for defensive CDs.

Spec Choices: 

Wild Charge = Feline Swiftness. Really a matter of choice here. I like Wild Charge for changing targets on the adds in the spirit realm.

Wild Bash Useful for stunning the ghosts in the spirit realm.

Glyphs: The usual.

Goal: Mostly single target fight. Berserk on the pull with potion; you should have some uninterrupted time on boss before the first totem. Save second Berserk after coming out of the Spirit Realm. Depending on DPS should be time for 3 Berserks. When in the spirit realm I find it adequate to rake + mangle each target and switch if you’re paired with an aoe or dot class like mage. Use your instant HT’s to heal yourself or anyone who is voodoo dolled if you are able. Otherwise this fight is very straight forward from a dps perspective.

Spirit Kings (Normal)










Elegon (Normal)

Symbiosis: Warlock = Rogue > Priest > Paladin

Spec: Feline Swiftness > Wild Charge: There is a “bug” where it is usually not possible to wild charge Elegon himself. If you do choose to take Wild Charge it is handy for switching to the adds or Sparks but overall Feline Swiftness is better.

Dream of Cenarius > Heart of the Wild: With a lot of dot-and-run in this fight, DoC buffed bleeds will do a hefty portion of your damage. If healing is a problem but DPS is not for the last phase, HotW with tranquility and spot heals may help out greatly but at this point it is a DPS race.

Glyphs: Usual.

Goal: There are several things you can do to make this fight easier and help out your raid.

Use Soul Swap (from Warlock) to place your bleeds on the large adds, giving you time to build up combo points on Elegon for another rip before switching back to add and resetting your stacks. You can also Soul Swap wild sparks when they spawn. At the end of the cast for the sparks, do a thrash. It should hit the closest sparks to you and help out other dps. Do not energy starve yourself trying to get a rip up on Elegon between sparks. If you’re not sure you can do it, just keep up rake and wait for sparks.

If you choose to Symb a priest or paladin it can be very useful for limiting your damage when you have to reset your stacks. Cycle your defensive cooldowns in the last phase; you will be taking a high amount of damage.

Will of the Emporer (Normal)

Symbiosis: Warlock > Rogue > Priest

Spec: Feline Swiftness > Displacer Beast > Wild Charge. If you are set on the boss full time – which in general you should  be. Feral damage on the adds is very poor due to their short lifespan. Feline Swiftness will help you avoid the boss’ strikes and land the extra damage. Displacer beat may work in theory but not so much in practice.

Typhoon > Mighty Bash: Typhoon is good for throwing back adds with fixations especially those on tanks, adds and range. Mighty bash has a longer cooldown and only affects one target.

Glyphs: Glyph of Dash > Glyph of Shred: Once again, you should be on the bosses, and rarely in a position where the boss will be facing you. Dash will help you dance successfully more often.

Goal: If you are on the boss full time your goal is to avoid as many of the bosses moves as possible to use your extra-action ability for more damage. It is more important that you do the dance properly than do perfect damage; each time you are hit it increases your damage taken, and healers already have to deal with heavy tank damage and add damage. Using soul swap to put your bleeds on the other boss or shield add is a good idea. If you try to Soul Swap the shield guy, make sure you are behind him, as otherwise he will reflect it.

It’s very likely I’ve missed something important, so feel free to comment with any tips, advice or errors.


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