A lot has changed in the way of druid macros. Many abilities which had separate bear and cat form variables now function as a single spell which will change depending on your form, and do not need the brackets such as (bear form) or (cat form). A good example is Stampeding Roar, feral charge (now Wild Charge) and Faerie Fire. Many spec choices which alter a spell (E.g. Faerie Fire / Faerie Swarm) will still work with the unedited spell.

A lot of people’s macros will depend on their play style and how they like to bind their buttons – therefore it varies from person to person. In this macro guide I’m going to show some macros that should be universally useful. 

Healing Touch:

Healilng Touch

/run if InCombatLockdown() then SetCVar(“autounshift”,0) end
/use [@player,mod:shift][@target,help][@targettarget,help][]Healing Touch
/console autounshift 1

Now I’ve borrowed this one from WoW insider (full post is here, great further reading). This is a kind of fail safe to stop you shifting out of cat form if you time Healing Touch badly. However I would recommend something more like this:

/console autoUnshift 0
/cast [@mouseover,help][help][@player]healing touch
/console autoUnshift 1

Rather than worrying about shift/alt/ctrl, it will heal on mouseover. I’m not a big fan of mouseovers most of the time, but this allows you to quickly hover over someone low and give them a heal, or will default cast on yourself if no one is moused over or targeted.
Nature’s Swiftness Macro:

/use Nature’s Swiftness
/console autoUnshift 0
/use [help,dead] Rebirth; [help,nodead][@player] Healing Touch
/console autoUnshift 1



#showtooltip renewal
/castsequence reset=45 might of ursoc, cat form
/cast renewal
/cast frenzied regeneration
/use healthstone

This macro is highly recommended if you choose to use renewal. Since renewal is health % based, using it while in bear form (preferably with Might of Ursoc) will significantly increase the heal. This macro will heal you for most of your health and spamming it will put you back in cat form. The only problem is that the cooldowns of Renewal (2 mins) and Might of Ursoc (3 mins) do not sync. I recommend this over Nature’s Swiftness if 1) you only have less than 3 near death moments per encounter and 2) you are not using a Dream of Cenarius build. If you are using DoC, Nature’s Swiftness is pretty much mandatory.
Very simple one so you don’t forget to use your healthstone:
/cast Barkskin
/use healthstone

/cast [combat] rebirth; revive
/cast [mod:shift] rebirth

Berserk with Tiger’s Fury (and optional 1 button zerg):

#showtooltip Berserk/cast Tiger's Fury/cast Berserk/cast Incarnation/cast Nature's Vigil/use 13

#showtooltip Berserk
/cast Tiger’s Fury
/cast Berserk
/cast Incarnation
/cast Nature’s Vigil
/use 13

If you haven’t pickup up Incarnation and Nature’s Vigil and don’t have an on-use trinket, you can ignore the last 3 lines. Be aware that Incarnation uses a global cooldown while the others do not. Note that Tiger’s Fury is listed before Berserk. This is because it’s very useful to use them together, and you cannot use Tiger’s Fury once Berserk is active. I believe that at this point it is not advisable to macro haste abilities such as troll racial Berserking to Berserk as the likelihood of capping energy is high.
Wild Charge:
#showtooltip wild charge/cancelform [form,help]/cast [mod:shift] pounce; [stealth] savage roar/cast [noform,harm] bear form; [form: 1] wild charge; [form:3] wild charge; [form:4] wild charge; [noform,help] wild charge/cast wild charge

#showtooltip wild charge
/cancelform [form,help]
/cast [noform,harm] bear form; [form: 1] wild charge; [form:3] wild charge; [form:4] wild charge; [noform,help] wild charge
/cast wild charge

What this macro will do is cancel your form if you target a friendly target and on the next press use Wild Charge (caster form). If you have an enemy targeted, it will use normal wild charge for that form, unless you are in caster form then it will put you in bear form and use bear charge (this is more for PvP). To hop to a friendly target this will require 2 button presses and there is a delay when you cancel form, so be wary of latency inconsistencies.
Crowd Control

/cast [mod:shift @target] Entangling roots
/cast [@focus,exists,nodead][]Entangling Roots;[@target,harm,nodead][]Entangling Roots

This will cast Entangling Roots on your focus target unless you hold shift, and it will cast it on your current target. Simply replace the name with spells like Cyclone and Hibernate. If you prefer to use a different modifier, you can simply change shift to ctrl or alt.

Stealth Macros:You can add a modifier to normal spells which will be different if you are currently prowling. This works as follows:

/cast [stealth] pounce; mangle

You can use any combination you like, like Ravage for example.

If you’re a sexy nightelf, this may come in handy:

/cast [mod:shift] prowl; [combat] shadowmeld; [nocombat] prowl; [noform] Shadowmeld

The shift modifier here is a fail safe for e.g. if you have Incarnation up and want to prowl.

I personally do not recommend macros with long lists of cast sequences or variables, especially ones which you’re trying to use for your rotation (some I have seen may go something like /castsequence faerie fire, mangle, rake, shred – this was when mangle was a debuff but you get the idea) . The main problem with these is 1) cast sequences can mis-perform where there is no reset variable 2) the more conditionals/lists there are in a macro the more places there are for it to go wrong 3) the use may be very situational; as soon as something happens out of the ordinary, your macro isn’t doing what you need it to do.

I also feel this way with multiple modifier conditions in one macro; I feel it would be more reliable to intelligently bind your keys to work with modifiers either with the blizzard ui or an addon such as Bartender. Overall with a few exceptions, the simpler and more versatile your macro is (I say versatile to mean it will be useful in more than one circumstance) the better, unless you are an experienced macro writer and will get the macro to work perfectly.

Currently there is no way to macro Mangle and Shred to work in front of and behind the target respectively in one macro. Some addons (I think feral by night did but this is no longer maintained) like Drood Focus will display a warning when you try to shred and are not behind a target. As a druid you’ll just have to get used to screaming in frustration every time a tank repositions something and you’re running round-and-round trying to find the back.

If you find any of these don’t work, if you have any useful suggestions for other macros or know how one can be written better, feel free to leave a comment!


7 thoughts on “Macros

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  2. I was wondering, are you nearly “macro-capped”? Between the macros for my feral and resto spec, I don’t have enough character macro spaces for all I want. I’m limited in the general area because I use a lot of those for general macros that all my toons use. I thought I heard of addons that effectively give you more macro slots — do you use one?

    Also, do you have a soul swap macro? I’m using one that is supposed to soul swap to my focus target but it doesn’t work. I need to test it but I haven’t remembered to bug a warlock to help me out.

    • My Druid specific macro section is pretty much full, yeah. It becomes worse when I have to make a new one specifically for an encounter, like Bearform + taunt for Garrosh adds. I don’t currently have an addon to manage macros.. I did have one that you could “store” macros and take them in and out of your normal macros called “MacroBank” but I deleted it because I didn’t really use it.
      I found I got rid of a lot of macros when I started using bartender (and now elvui) and just used another bar with keybinds for my moves rather than macroing stuff together or with modifiers.

      Macros that use focus etc with Symbiosis moves don’t tend to work, or /cast @target, etc. The only way I’ve found to get Soul Swap to work as a macro is to actually specify the name of the target you want, so atm I have one that goes like this:
      #showtooltip Soul Swap
      /target desecrated weapon
      /target Wavebinder
      /cast soul swap

      The first target is for Garrosh to help out on desecrated weapons when I’m going to clip my rip anyway, the second is for dark shamans. Apparently you can put in /targetlasttarget (to return to previous target) at the end but this didn’t seem to work for me.
      Hopefully this has helped somewhat.

      • I appreciate the response. I need to get a warlock friend to be patient while I try out some soul swap macros, see what does eventually work. Also, thanks for the guides, I’ve been using them as I get ready for each boss. We got Garrosh to 6% last night, hope to kill him this next week!

      • I know it has been awhile, but I finally got my soul swap macro to work. It was really irritating me because the @focus part just wasn’t taking, I’d get “invalid target”. I wanted one that was generic instead of having to replace the target name — I know I’d forget to do it on the first pull every time! This won’t help with desecrated weapons because you can’t set them as your focus ahead of time, but will work on Shamans or other things.

        #/cast [@focus][]Soul Swap
        #/cast [@focus] Symbiosis
        /target [@focus]
        /cast Soul Swap

        The ones that are commented out did NOT work. The line that casts symbiosis instead of soul swap actually did cast soul swap (when targeting the focus directly), which surprised me. I didn’t realize it worked that way.

    • The best use of engineering gloves is to macro it to tiger’s fury, as they share the same cooldown.
      A macro for all of these would be something like:
      /cast Tiger’s Fury
      /use 10
      /cast Berserking

      Keep in mind that Berserking has a longer cooldown so it won’t sync up most of the time with the other two. I have no idea what the best time to use Berserking is (never played a troll), but I know if you use it during Berserk you’re probably going to have problems with energy capping.

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